Journal Prompt, Week 15: Evaluation

This week on the blog: evaluate the course. What you learned, what you wish you would have learned. What went well, what could have been improved. Suggestions for future courses I might teach. You don’t have the benefit of anonymity like you do with the in-class evaluations, but you do have the benefit of time–the whole week, potentially, to brainstorm an answer.

Due when it’s always due.


11 thoughts on “Journal Prompt, Week 15: Evaluation

  1. I learned alot about my writing . I honestly have nothing to say regarding improved the course went pretty smoothly in my opinion .

  2. I definitely got a lot and learned a lot from this course. At first I hated the fact that I was in the course because I took two years of AP English in high school and it’s my least favorite subject. I’ve never liked writing but it’s something I can’t avoid, it will always be there. My writing was not that good coming into this course but I have definitely seen some drastic improvements. The draft processes for the papers was the thing that was found most beneficial in the course by a long shot. Having to write three different drafts and peer edit them made me have a lot of confidence in my final paper. The readings were also beneficial. Each reading had a meaning and tied into the paper we were writing at the time. The readings had many different examples of styles of writing for the specific paper that we were doing. Suggestions for the future is to never get rid of the drafting process. I thought it sounded like a waste of time at first because in high school I’d write one draft and that would be it. My papers were 10x better by the final draft because of this process. I can’t think of anything bad about the course, there was a reason for everything that we did throughout the semester.

  3. I have learnt a lot in this class. I think I am a better writer now and I am more comfortable with writing long papers after the three writings we had to do in this class. At first, I thought this class would be challenging but doing conferences really helps. I would definitely recommend a conference for each paper for future students because sometimes you can learn a lot through 1 on 1. I honestly don’t have much to say about improvements but the only thing in mind is to show more exampled essays and good writings from peer students so everyone can learn from each other. You can try teaching ENC1102 because I think you are suitable for teaching freshman English class. Overall, this is a good English class experience and I learnt a lot. I also had a lot of fun.

    Michelle Wu

  4. ENC 1101 was my favorite class this semester. I looked forward to this class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hated when we would have conferences because class wouldn’t meet. We talked about community in class, and I can’t help but feel we are a community. There is the left side of the class and the right. I can honestly say I don’t know the people on the right too well, but they still hold a special place in my heart because we went through Freshman English together.
    I found the class freeing. All I did in high school was write boring papers. I enjoyed not having to talk about the Civil War, reference any books or discuss anything boring. We talked about our personal beliefs and our lives in class. I know myself very well, so it was easy to navigate this class.
    I wish there was more of a rubric for the papers. I found the assignments gave too much leeway. There were no set rules besides having the paper in MLA format. Personally, I need boundaries and guidelines. That was difficult for me at first. In high school, there was always a rubric, always a hard due date and consistently structured. This class’s structure is that there is little structure. I appreciate now how flexible everything is, but it was hard to grasp at first.
    As far as the papers go, I did not enjoy writing the last two. I cannot stand analyzing. It ruins media for me. I want to read, watch and listen for entertainment. The third paper about community was difficult as well because I have no idea how to interview people. I struggled interviewing my Mom and injecting her quotes into the paper.
    All of the blog posts were interesting topics. They made me think and reflect. I struggled because the topics were so good that I wrote a novel for each one. I really had to cut down every one of my posts.
    The reading was okay. There were some really great stories we read! I am keeping my textbook in the hopes of reading every story in it. I also enjoyed the stories posted on to black board. I just wish we could have talked about them more. I wanted to have my specific questions answered that I asked in the class blog. Some of the stories that we read I felt were pointless and boring. I know that I am not going to enjoy everything I read in life, but they would have been easier to read if I had a purpose for reading other than the QQC.
    I am so glad I took this class. I enjoyed ever class. I like the people in my class and the teacher is okay (I guess…). Definitely my favorite class of the semester and it affirmed my love of writing. It was a good semester. Thanks.

  5. I think overall the class went very good. I learned a lot about how to analyze a text, especially one of the visual varieties. I learn a lot about writing with the literary narrative and the community paper, which were fun to write. I thought the one place the class lacked was in the class discussion department. We had some days where the discussion would take up a large portion of the class and some days where people refused to talk. This is mostly our fault as students but I think there may be some ways to spark a good discussion. I also think that we could have maybe read and analyzed a small book in this class, which would help with the discussion. I did really enjoy the class though. I thought the days when he discussion was good it was very interesting. It is cool to hear everyone’s opinions on certain things. I particularly enjoyed the day when we watched the chipotle add and analyzed it. I also enjoyed the field trip to the art museum. I thought the story about the nude colony was also interesting and funny. Overall, my experience was good, but I think some days the discussion could have been better, which falls mostly on us as a class anyways.

    Timmy Corrigan

  6. ENC1101
    I learned a lot in this course. I learned how to improve my writing skills and how to become a better writer. The whole semester went well for me at least, I never found myself unable to find help whenever I needed it or want it. This course was very fun. I don’t think anything needs to be improved in this course for future classes.
    Palmer Harper

  7. ENC1101 was my favorite class this semester. This has by far been my favorite English class, much more favorable than any other high school class I’ve had. I never liked to read books or short stories and analyse the meaning and find the symbols but with this class analyzing things was surprisingly fun and enjoyable. Everything used to be about thinking inside the box but in this class I felt like my mind had more freedom to roam and I could think outside the box. When it came to writing I never used to like that either. Then again the past papers I had to write had strict guidelines and I had to work within the limits my teachers made, but with this course I felt like I could write whatever I wanted to on the paper rather than the usual half-assed, same old boring paper. The conferences helped and so did the peer review. I would keep that. One thing you could do for the peer review would be to make us change partners for each review or paper so we can get multiple viewpoints. People think differently and can see different things. Honestly you were a great teacher this semester and I don’t think you need to change much if anything. This was also the only class I never skipped. Thanks for a good semester.

  8. Hey class,

    I know I didn’t post a word count for this one, but 2-5 sentences is not going to cut it for a journal post. If this applies to you, lengthen your post if you want any credit.

  9. In my opinion the class benefited me in many ways especially my writing. I feel like this course helped make my writing more fluid. It makes my papers not only easier to read but more enjoyable. I used to write sentences that just got the point across or as if I was just rambling on about a certain topic. Also I feel as if my grammar and spelling got much better. I feel a future class would benefit with more grammar lessons and maybe a few more fun activities such as the field trip we went on to keep the class on their toes. It makes class a lot more enjoyable and easier to pay attention. As someone like me with ADHD activities keep me motivated and focused on task. Lastly I wish we did a lot less reading then we did this semester. It was hard to read these stories because of how boring they were and for someone who rarely reads anything outside of ESPN articles it was difficult to understand what was going on. A good idea would be to do current events on whatever the student is interested in and write 200 words on it.

  10. This has definitely have been my favorite English class that I have taken so far. Actually being able to choose what to write about, and being truly interested in it really have help develop my writing skills. The whole analyzing portion was really good because I enjoyed seeing how different people interpret different things, especially the museum visit. My favorite part of the class was probably the in class discussions, even though there weren’t all that many. We had a lot of different personalities in class and it was interesting seeing so many different points of views on different popular topics. For the next time you teach this course I think you should definitely encourage like more touchy subjects because everyone should learn how to talk about things that may not be encouraged to talk about. Everyone should know how to have an intelligent discussion on a controversial topic without getting their feelings too engulfed into it. A lot of the readings were surprisingly pretty interesting and others were harder to get through but that just depends on preference of reading.

    – Le’otis Boswell-Johnson

  11. Honestly ENC 1101 was my favorite class the semester. You did a very good job as the instructor of the class as well. You developed a relaxed learning environment in the first few weeks but also kept the attention and respect of the students. This is always positive because it keeps the students interested in what was going on. I also thoroughly enjoyed the topics of the first two papers that we wrote. I did not like the third topic so much. Something about the lack of specificity of what we were supposed to write about made it difficult to write. The readings we had to do outside of class were also hit or miss. Some of them I greatly enjoyed reading.They kept my interest the whole way through while others were horribly boring. The writer just couldn’t seem to grab my attention. The out of class meeting to discuss the paper is something that I feel benefitted most students also. To hear your input on what were writing helps. Lastly, I thought the in class discussions were good. They seemed almost always on topic and seemed to always flow smoothly. This class rocked.

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