Journal Prompts: The “Better Late Than Never” Thread

ImageI know that some of you fell enough behind on journals that you won’t be able to get the full 100 points for completing 10 of them on time, and that’s all right. Here is your space for late journal posts. You’ll get 5 points instead of the usual 10, but that’s better than the alternative.

Please make this your home for all late journal posts. I have long since stopped checking the old threads, so if you post there, I won’t see it and you won’t get credit.

Make sure you specify which week you’re writing for at the top of the post. Also keep in mind that you can still complete this week’s post and next week’s on time, so there’s a full 20 points right there.


22 thoughts on “Journal Prompts: The “Better Late Than Never” Thread

  1. Journal Week 14

    College is suppose to prepare you for the real world. Writing isn’t everybody’s idea of a future, but for me it is necessary in where I want to go in life. I want to be a psychologist when I get finished with school, so building my writing skills help me to excel into the level of success that I need to reach my goals. In order to actually become a psychologist, you have to go to grad school. This means writing an awesome thesis paper that knocks the tough admissions people’s socks off. This class really helped me to evolve my writing style. Before I took this class, I never drafted my papers. I would usually just throw it all together, but now I have learned to carefully construct a pretty good essay, and I only expect to improve. In psychology, you have to write notes instead of essays, but I think that practicing my writing now will help me to make short notes of important information in my future career.

  2. Journal Week 14

    College is suppose to develop you you into a well trained and develop person once you graduate. But in regards to writing I feel like it is not very important if it is not very use everyday in the career that you are studying for . I feel like if you are good at analyzing and taking down good notes you should be good in your certain career field In regards to getting a higher education I feel that is very important because nowadays everybody is receiving there masters and MBA’S in higher level institutions . When trying to get a job a company will higher a person with a higher degree level most of the time if not all the time .

  3. Journal Week 11

    If the jerry scandusky scandal was to happen at Florida State i believe the student body together would act the same . I believe there would have been lots of riots , chaos and especially protest . If Bobby Bowden was Joe paterno his legacy as a legendary head coach would get over shadowed by this scandal . The football program itself would suffer from hatred , self defeat , and criticism everyday . I believe the NCAA would have sanction FSU with scholarships losses , bowl bans , and suspensions to the coaching staff and people would could have been apart of it for long periods of time . Im glad this did not happen to Florida State and it is still “GO NOLES #1 “

  4. Journal Prompt Week 13

    Eastern State Penitentiary is an prison located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania .Everyone who went on a tour to this prison believe this prison is haunted by the inmates who died there . Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to visit this prison but I have plans to in the future. People who have visited this place said that this place gave nightmares once they left . Notably noted in the picture which is a picture of Al Capone Cell . The reason I chose this place because he was one of the highest notorious drug lord of his era. He to is noted for having the prison haunted at night .

  5. When I moved houses just before the seventh grade I was very mad because I liked my old neighborhood were all my friends lived. Our new house had not been furnished yet so it felt like an abandoned place for a few months. There was an echo in the house because there was nothing to absorb the sound and it almost felt haunted. It also backs up to a state park so it was pretty creepy. I had to sleep on a temperapedic mattress pad on the floor for a month until we got the new bed. The temperapedic pad was actually pretty comfortable but it felt weird sleeping on the floor. It just did not feel right for a couple of months until slowing we go more and more furniture and it felt more like a home. The echo slowly went away as the house filled up. I moved on from switching houses too. Moving was hard but, now I really like my house. Now that I can drive, I can see my friends whenever I want. It is just a short drive and I am there. My new house has also become a distention for my friends because we have a Ping-Pong table and golfing mat to hit balls into the state park. At one point my house felt pretty creepy but now I feel completely at ease there.

  6. Abandoned Places of the Earth

    There is an old abandoned house down at the end of my street. When the couple who lived there were both sent to prison for embezzlement, their house went into foreclosure and hasn’t been occupied since. I use to go there with some of my friends to do illegal things because we couldn’t get away with doing it anywhere else. The old abandoned house was actually quite beautiful. It was a big two story house on the water, and its marble floors were cracked and dusty, and the sconces on the stair case were covered in cobwebs and tarnished. The house needed makeover but to me and my friends, it was a safe place for us and I the old abandoned house brought us all together. When we were all under the roof of the abandoned house, we made it a home in our own rebellious way. My junior year in high school they decided to knock down the house and build a new house on it. My friends and I were so attached to the house that we would continue to go to the construction sight of the new house until it was all the way built and my new neighbors moved in. Although the old abandoned house wasn’t polished and a little bit dusty, it was my safe haven for a good portion of my high school years and many memories were created there.

  7. Journal prompt 12

    Teenagers have the worst reputation. We get accused of doing so many bad things, that half of us really aren’t doing. Some people have the types of parents who are more laid back, who are honest with their kids about the things they did when they were our age and know the reality that their kid is doing the same thing. Other parents, like mine, lie about it because they want to be a better example to us. I know my parents smoked pot and drank underage and did all sorts of silly teenager things, but they act like they didn’t. So when they bust me for something, I always make it an argument to say they did the same thing. Looking back at my younger self, I’ll admit I have done some pretty dumb things. But I don’t dwell on it because if I didn’t learn then, I’d be learning these lessons when I’m older and the real world is actually important. The best times to make mistakes are when your a teenager, because although a successful future is the goal, chances are that future employers and such aren’t going to care about the dumb things you did when you were a teen as much as they would care about you doing them as an adult. It is our time to live and learn and I know that I have definitely used up the “I’m growing up” excuse as much as I could.

  8. Journal week 3

    First, start at a young age, preferably around 7. Hate every summer camp your parents send you to, including swim camp. Let your dad send you to some random camp called sail camp in West Palm Beach even though you hate going to camps. Scream and yell and throw a fit every day the instructors try to put you in a boat for two weeks, they love that. After attempting to have a pathetic argument with your dad to not make you go a third week, give up; your dad is relentless and stubborn. Ignore your annoyed camp instructors because you know the drill, it’s your third week and you’re a pro at this. Surprise everyone at camp including yourself that you’re actually good at sailing now because you’re not being a pain in the ass anymore and now you’re actually doing what you’re supposed to. Befriend your coach, knowing he will be a valuable asset in the future. Don’t forget to break your arm attempting to Rollerblade at a friend’s birthday party before your first competition ever. Ignore the doctor and sail. Place in the top quarter of the fleet. Enjoy the new sport. Sail with several teams and meet new people. Eventually if you keep at it, over the years you will get better.

  9. Journal week 9

    Throughout high school I grew up in a very new environment. Unlike my past school, my high school was a Catholic school and I’ve never been fully exposed to a religion. I am Christian but never had a history of going to church. In school I was required to take a religion class every year. Most of the time the class was a joke but occasionally there were some productive days were we went through the bible and picked some messages the church tries to teach. One class we had to memorize a bible verse a week and one was Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” This so called “plan” has been a mystery to me. Is the plan good, or is it bad? Does this guy really have a plan for me? Why should I rely on his plan? I’m not done with the questions. I make decisions, can they change this plan? Or do other peoples decisions affect me or my decisions therefore causing this plan to change? Do these questions have answers or am I just wasting my time asking them? The religion teachers and most priests’ answers were “just believe.” Not enough for me. I guess this plan will just be a mystery.

  10. Journal week 12

    I can say my parents did not grow up as I did. My dad grew up knowing he would have to go into the army while my mom had to work all of her life. They view me and the lifestyle I live to be very fortunate, as do I. They also said that even though I’m growing up differently than they did, my parents taught me responsibility. In fact, I say I was raised by some old school parents. I rarely got anything I just said I wanted. They made me work for almost everything I wanted. Looking back I’m happy they did that. They gave me values that I wouldn’t have if they just let me do my thing growing up. Out of my parents supervision I was a moron. I was influenced easily into doing really dumb things my peers wanted me to do. I ended up fighting some kid because my friends didn’t like him. I won but that doesn’t matter, there were no positive results from it. It just got me in a lot of trouble at school and at home. Now when I look at those types of kids in middle school or even high school I just shake my head and hope they learn and grow up. I’m just glad I made mistakes to help make me who I am.

  11. Journal 13

    In Texas during a competition, my team and I rented a house to stay in for the week. Next door was an empty run down house. One day the team and I decided to go exploring at night and that house was on the top of the list of places to go. As we walk over we wondered how to go in, but as we approach the back we saw that the whole back wall of the house was broken down and it was an easy entry. When we were in we did some shenanigans that a person would expect from young teenagers. My friend decided to start breaking glass and the rest of us raided the house to see if there was anything valuable. There was nothing. The one thing I did stop to think about was what was this house like before it was in this condition. Was there a happy family once living in here? Was there a raging alcoholic in here because there were about 30 empty bottles laying everywhere on the bar and in the cabinets. It was cool to think that this house was once a place someone valued and has just been turned into a ruin.

  12. Week 14
    I think that this course did have real world value in it. What I learned the most in this class was to explain myself using my words and my ideas and this is very beneficial to contributing citizens of society. In this class we got to choose subjects that we enjoyed writing about and that made it so much more enjoyable and easy for us. It helped raise our motivation to write the papers and to write them with passion. Which is something I feel as though we will not be doing as much of next semester in the ENC 1102 class. The small grammatical things we learned also helped to better my every day writing skills. This class also taught me to enjoy writing a little more which is quite a feat for a class. Another thing that this class did was just improve my overall writing for not only my english classes but all of the other classes where I have to write papers and essays. My idea of higher education is more than just learning in the classroom. My idea is that you should have to go away to school because it is the aspect of branching out and moving away that helps you grow up. The experience as a whole really proves who you are and what you’re made of and thats why I feel that it is important to have. I thoroughly enjoyed class this year and would like to thank you for your help.

  13. Week 13 Abandoned Places
    Right before I came to Florida State one of my best friends was killed after being shot by a police officer about a quarter of a mile from my house. I never go to attend his viewing, I missed the funeral, I was not even home for his candlelight vigil… It killed me inside that I wasn’t able to be there for all of that. When I went home for Thanksgiving break I wend back to his house to see his family. When I went in to talk I asked if while I was there I could go back into his room, which his parents had left untouched since the shooting. When I walked in there was a calm sense of nothing in the room. Of course everything was there but it just felt empty. His dog sat outside the room and refused to go in to the room. The light slid through the cracks of the blinds and penetrated the dust the was flying through the air. His stacks of laundry were still sitting out but they felt like they didn’t take up any room. His room was littered with things from dirty underwear, to shoes, to cigarettes, to an old magazine he used to read all the time. But all of these seemed to take up no place in my mind. I felt nothing but the overwhelming feeling of nothing. People bring an energy to a place that is unmistaken and in this room it was gone and you could tell. It still hurts to think about him being gone but its just the way it is. I hope his spirit lives on.

  14. Week 8 Deathbed
    The story I would tell my granddaughter if I was on my death bed would be one about my life. I would tell her about how when I was a little kid I had a dream to come to Florida State and I worked to make that dream come true every day. I did well in school, behaved outside of school, and just did what I was told and it eventually got me into Florida State University. I have always been a mad who thoroughly enjoys humor so I would probably also tell her a funny story of something that happened to me when I was here. I would probably tell her about the night I had a few too many to drink and ended up sleeping on a table in the library. This would help explain to her that you can get what you want as long as you work for it. And you can also have some stupid fun while you are there. I will tell her to follow her dreams no matter what because it will make you happy.

  15. Journal Prompt Week 10

    If I had to compare humans to vegetables I’d say they’re most like onions. We all wear different masks everyday in different situations. To the passerby on campus I am just another student who forgot to shower this morning with my pulled back hair and disheveled clothes. To a classmate in English I am the blonde ex-cheerleader with my essays about cheerleading and somewhat upbeat attitude. To a man I am reserved and mysterious with walls so high few knock them down. To a friend I am a fiercely loyal and opinionated woman. Cross one of my friends if you wish to see how opinionated I can be. To my sister I am a role model with my fashion and life advice. To my father I am and forever will be daddy’s little girl with my questions about hanging the curtains and cooking food. To my mother I am a young woman who grew up too fast with the memories of my trials and tribulations growing up. Every day with different people we wear different masks. Some going just skin deep while others show our true selves. Just like an onion, you have to peel back the layers of a person to get to the good stuff.

  16. Journal Prompt Week 11

    Football allows students to bond together and show their upmost school spirit. It has become the main attraction on Saturdays bringing students together for underage drinking and the intoxicated consumption of hot dogs and hamburgers. Football player’s fandome doesn’t just end on Saturdays. Everyone knows football players are the mini-celebrities of the school. Walking around with their matching backpacks and workout jumpsuits they aren’t hard to spot. Some athletics even have their own following of girls that call themselves, “Cleat-chasers.” Occasionally I’m even embarrassed at how other girls will throw themselves at football players. Regardless of how well they play football, I believe football players should be held accountable for their actions just as everyone else. Whether the sport was football, baseball, frisbee or bad mitten sexually assaulting a child is not okay. Not taking disciplinary action makes football players think they are above the law and almost encourages them to continue their bad behavior. Penn State allowed football to blind their moral duties. To make amends for such a crime I hope everyone involved was removed from the program and legal action was taken. We can keep our administrations accountable by further examining the people allow to have power.

  17. Journal Prompt Week 12

    Adults in my life see the differences between my teenage years and theirs’ but I feel as though they fail to realize times have changed also. Parents have academic expectations without taking into consideration the fact that academics is not what it used to be. Stress levels in young teens are at an all time high with the rigorous workload demanded of them. But not only have academics changed, social society has changed greatly also. When talking with my parents about what kind of car I wanted for my 16th birthday the differences were clear. My mom boasted about how she was lucky to drive her mother’s old beat up Plymouth Sapporo and my dad bragged how he had to save to buy his first car that ended up being an ancient Volkswagen bug. I couldn’t be caught dead driving an old Volkswagen. Growing up in Orlando money and what kind of car you drove defined your financial status. My parents thought I was crazy for wanting an Audi or Mercedes for my first car but it wasn’t a ludicrous dream to me. Kids at my school drove Hummers, Audis, and Mercedes. The academic and financial pressures when my parents were young seem like nothing compared to todays.

  18. Journal Prompt Week14

    I believe this English composition course has taught me to think in a different way. English usually being one of my lesser favorite subjects surprised me this year. It was nothing like I expected considering all my former writing classes had required reading on ancient topics no one cared about. Writing topics were recent and relevant to this generation making things way more interesting. The broad variety of topics allowed me to explore my thoughts on things as simple as Disney Princesses or as heavy as things like sexually assaulting a child. Having the blog promoted me to consider others’ opinions and to voice my own. Having such an eclectic bunch of kids in class gave many different perspectives. College shouldn’t be about advancing on the fast track to the highest paying career. College is a chance for students to grow and change their outlook on life. Higher education allows you to get a greater education and become a greater person. Although I doubt I’ll be writing long essays in my future career this class opened my mind. Math may teach me the calculations I have to know for my job. But it can’t teach me to analyze my actions and how they might affect others.

  19. Journal Prompt #3: How to Become a ___________

    How to avoid letting people know you swim like a 5 year old.
    Start off talking about the swimming lessons you once had when you were 6. Tell them about the ribbons you got for advancing through each stage, how awful you looked in a swim cap, and how persistent your coaches were on you continuing practice after the course was complete. You don’t mention how even though you live in Florida, you almost never went to the pool because your dad hates chlorine. And you don’t mention that your greatest fear is drowning underwater so you wore floaties for most of your young childhood. You leave out that as you got older, and as the floaties got more embarrassing, you would hold onto the wall of the pool or stay in the shallow end where your feet could touch the ground. Don’t tell them that the way you played off holding onto the wall was by pretending you were Spiderman. Especially don’t tell them that whenever you went under water you HAD to hold your nose. As you get older, start making better excuses of not going in the water such as “I just want to tan,” “the water’s too cold,” “I don’t want to get my hair wet,” etc. And last but not least, move to an environment, such as Tallahassee, where the majority of the time it is too cold to go into the pool anyway.
    Journal Prompt 7: Visual Analysis in Miniature

    Journal Prompt Week 9: Unsolved Mysteries

    Does having bad parents guarantee that you will become a bad parent? My whole life I have been told by different family members “Thank god you’re not like your mother.” I usually don’t know how to respond to that statement. Sometimes I would agree just to get them off my back, but other times I wouldn’t say anything at all. What I do regret is not standing up for her. My mom is far from perfect and neither is her life. She has had to deal with a lot more adversity than most people and she didn’t deal with it well. And it’s hard to hear people judge her because she isn’t a perfect human being, or a perfect mom. As I was growing up, I became terrified to turn out like my parents. I don’t want my identity to be an exact replica of them. I want to be better, and to treat my kids better. Sure I’m just as messy as my mom, and deal with emotions about as well as my Dad, but what I am asking is if it is true; Is it true that if you have bad parents you will be a bad one too?
    Journal Prompt Week 11: What If Penn State Had Happened at Florida State?

    We recently have found out that Jameis Winston is cleared on his charges of rape and the sense of relief from the Florida State football team fandom is palpable. I have to question that if he was convicted though, would we still be as supportive of the right thing? And by right thing I mean him going to jail and serving his sentence for his crime, causing us to lose one of our most, if not the most, valuable player on our team. We have had an incredible football season. We are still undefeated and are ranked #1 in the nation in college football. When this scandal first emerged we were all quick to judge the girl, and accuse her of lying about the rape because our star football player can’t be a criminal. It would mess up our football season. That mentality by most of the die-hard FSU fans is one that is eerily similar to those of Penn State. What is scary about Fandoms is that it is easy to be pulled into this close-minded thinking, and subsequently can cause more hurt to a human being than the hurt pride of not winning a football game.
    Journal Prompt Week 12: When We Talk About Teenagers

    When my mom tells me stories about when she was a teenager compared I’m a walk in the park. I’ve never done drugs, snuck out (to somewhere dangerous at least), messed around with boys, gotten offered to be on MTV’s 16 and pregnant etc. In today’s society it’s rather sad how the norm of teenagers is viewed so negatively. I know that my parents were not saints as teens and that most teenagers today aren’t either. We, as in the teenagers of this generation, are viewed more harshly because the temptations we are faced with are so much greater than the ones our parents were. It’s easier to get involved in bad stuff now than it was when our parents were growing up. Almost every teen knows where and how to get drugs and it has become a social norm to dance in a sexually provocative manner that our parents weren’t really exposed to growing up. Additionally, teens have been able to get away with more and worse activities with the advancements in technology. My mom had to call from the house phone to sneak out of the house and meet a friend. Nowadays you can hop on Facebook and send messages, text, and even get away with sexting with an app called Snapchat. The secrecy level has increased as a result. Additionally, the media today is much less censored so of course we are going to be less censored.
    Journal Prompt, Week 14: Real-World Application

    When I first enrolled in ENC 1101, I honestly thought that your class would be a joke. Just another pre-req before I jump into my core subjects for my major. I was genuinely surprised though when I realized how much I like your class and how good of a teacher you are. I learned how to write a decent paper, and how I’m far from done learning about how to become a better writer. The use of nostalgia and pathos definitely enhanced my papers. Your humor made the class enjoyable and even though the class didn’t always want to get involved, we all respect you as a teacher. I also believe that your class helped me become more vocal in my literary opinions. I never had a problem speaking my mind, and getting in a good intellectual debate about a subject in your class. Although I don’t like assigned readings in general, your teaching style allowed for me to stay interested and learn. So thank you Billy for a fun semester, I wish I liked mysteries because I would totally take your class again otherwise.

  20. Journal #15
    This course was very helpful. I feel more confident in my writing because I feel that I am a better writer now than I was before this course. I learned many things in this class including grammar lessons in the beginning of the year to correcting small mistakes in my writings. My favorite part of this course was definitely the blog. This is because it was so easy to access and stay up to date with the readings. Throughout the entire year I could just click on the tab on my browser and check to see if there was anything that needed doing. In all my other classes students would have to sign in to blackboard and navigate through the site to even check my homework. Another beneficial thing in this course was the fact that the instructor allowed students to revise their essays to improve the papers as well as our writing skills. We could go back to the mistake learn why they are wrong and never make the same mistake twice. The only thing that I noticed needed improvement was the final presentation. I think there are many more beneficially and creative ways to go about the final presentation. Students could have to group up, or prepare something original for the class. After all, this was a great English course that I wish I could take over and over again.
    Journal #14
    This ENC 1101 class and every other writing course in college and in high school help you prepare for the real world. This is because when a person has a job they will need to be able to write a brief report on what ever it is that they are doing. People all around the world write and blog different thing on the internet everyday. It is a global database that anyone can add too unless you can not write. The better writer someone is the more opportunities the person has. People whom lost a job and can not get back on their feet could free lance for a newspaper if they are a good writer. Classes such as this create good writers and everyone becomes a better writer. No matter the field, you will need to be able to write a paper concerning your career. In my mind English is just like every other class that kids are forced to take. This is because writing is not essential to being successful in life similar to math or science. Writing is just a field that some people find their niche in and enjoy making a career out of it. Writing is simply talking and expressing thoughts on paper which can be archived unlike words and oral traditions. Overall, writing is an essential skill that all literate people should master in college.

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