Reading Response for 11/6

Naked-David-SedarisDavid Sedaris, “Naked” (PDF on Blackboard)


41 thoughts on “Reading Response for 11/6

  1. Why must the person be nude to use the recreational facilities?

    Did he purposely try thinking of the young man by the pool when he was masturbating or is that why he could not concentrate?

    Interesting story but I don’t think I would ever do something like that in my life. Ever.

  2. Why are we willing to display statues and paintings of naked humans in public museums and galleries, but find the idea of the naked human body walking around so shocking?
    Why did the woman at the beginning act so unwelcoming; did it seem as such because we (may or may not) have been raised differently?
    I probably wouldn’t go to a nudist colony myself, but to each their own.
    -Becky B.

  3. Why is the author so self-conscious that he doesn’t even dare to show his body to anyone?
    Do they have to be nude to go to certain parks and recreations like the author suggested?
    It’s ironic how the author talks about nudist the whole time but he was always embarrassed by that.


  4. What was the deciding factor in David Sedaris’s decision to visit the nudist colony?
    Why did the receptionist not tell Sedaris what to expect and bring?
    The nudist colony seems like an extremely unsanitary place.

  5. What does Dave mean when he said the voice of the man on the phone seemed tan?
    Why did the mushroom falling onto Roberta’s breast cause Dave to have a revelation about nudists and normal people?
    I thought it was ironic that everyone was supposed to dress like a hobo at the Hobo Slumgullion, even though they were a bunch of nudists.

  6. Why did the author’s opinion of being a nudist change so rapidly over just a week?

    Do nudists really have nothing to hide?

    I found it interesting that the author was the only one who seemed to actually notice that the others were naked.

    Christie Gleason

  7. Why are naked statues okay to be displayed?
    What makes nudists thing it’s okay to always be nude?
    I found this interesting to read. Nudist colonies sound very unclean and just strange to me.

  8. Why is the author so eager to see people naked but not to be naked himself?

    Why does he feel aroused just by simply being naked?

    The story was interesting but I found it very strange and would never go to a nudist colony.

  9. Why did he expect to receive a key to his trailer at a nudest colony?
    Why did the nudest believe he brought the bad weather?
    I would never want to experience this personally, but it was a good story.
    Palmer Harper

  10. Why did he go to a nudist colony if he was so uncomfortable with being naked?
    Why were the people so rude in the beginning and all of a sudden accept Sedaris?
    This was really weird. I don’t understand how people can do day to day activities while in the nude.

  11. Why do you think being a nudist is so ostracized?
    Why is being a nudist considered a lifestyle, when really the only difference between nudists and normal people is that they like to be naked all the time?
    I thought this story was really interesting because I have never experienced or even heard of what a nudist colony is like.

  12. Was the narrator’s initial reason for going to the nudist camp to accept himself?
    Did the narrator have to be so descriptive with the mental images that will keep me fromever going to a nudist camp?
    It’s ironic how the whole scenario began by his brother getting caught nude and the narrator wanting to play a joke on him.

  13. Did he ever send the brochure to his brother?

    Why do people not accept their body image until they go through extremes such as joining a nudist colony?

    I liked how David Sedaris documented his journey to self acceptance through nudity.

  14. Andrew Miller

    Why did Sedaris change his mind about going to the nudist colony just because he was called a fat hairy pig?

    Do people normally go to nudist colonies to gain self acceptance?

    I think there are better ways to reflect on yourself and accept it than a nudist colony.

  15. Why is it more appropriate to display nudity in art?

    What effect did the author have in the story by describing what the brochure looked like?

    I think this story was entertaining because it took such a weird topic as nudity and expanded it.

  16. Do you think most other males would also get a tingling feeling in the tip of their penis’ by staring at nude women all the time? I personally think that most would.

    “Nudism didn’t cause me to love my body, it simply allowed me to accept my position in what is clearly the scheme of things.” What exactly does Sedaris mean by this? Is he now more comfortable in his body, or does he just not care as much about what others think about him?

    I knew what to expect from this story after reading the first sentence. I believe the word “naked” is a very powerful and unique attention grabber.

  17. Why did the woman at the front desk seem so rude?
    What made the author think that going to a nudist colony was such a good idea?
    The author was kind of funny and witty I enjoyed reading it.
    Lauren Anthony

  18. Why did he think the “colony” was going to a resort type lodging? If he didn’t really know much about it, why was he surprised that they were trailers?

    Wasn’t he extremely uncomfortable when people would drive beside the car on the way home from the nudist colony along with the other people in the car to see if they were naked a lot because of the sticker she had on the back of her car?

    I loved his humor and tone he had throughout the passage. I especially liked when he was talking about teasing his brother about what happened to him when he ended up naked on the job. Very funny. I enjoyed this a lot.

  19. why can’t one of the women say penis and vagina but she is comfortable walking around naked?
    why does the author seem to not want to return to society at the end?
    I never thought about cloths as annoying it just feels natural to wear them.

  20. at first he doesnt seem to fit in with people that actually wear close, and then with the nudest, who is he trying to impress?
    why does he go through all the trouble to tease his brother by subscribing himself to recieve nudest brochures?
    the story is very entertaining i thought his adventure to the “nudest trailor park” was funny.

  21. Why do nudists feel it’s necessary to be nude, is it a religious belief?

    Why did the author find the nudists so intriguing, enough to actually visit a nudist colony.

    I enjoyed how the author was able to light-heartedly poke fun at the colonists with out sounding like too much of a jerk.

  22. What did Sedaris get out of going to the nudist colony? What did he learn about himself?
    Would it be okay if one of those human statues who paint themselves all white stand in the nude? I mean they are basically a statue right?
    I love his tone of voice and the language that he used; it made the reading a lot easier and more fun.

  23. Why did he go to the nudist colony if it didn’t help him to feel any more comfortable with his body?
    Why was Dusty so critical of the author being from New York when he went to the nudist colony to try and understand other communities?
    I thought the story was quite interesting and funny but also a bit disturbing.

  24. What does nudity symbolize in your opinion?
    Do you think the nudist colony had any effect?
    I feel like this writing piece came so easily to the author. It was easy and enjoyable to read.

  25. What does the author’s fear of showing his body reveal?
    What is the importance of the author’s obsession with nudists?
    This piece flows well.

  26. Why is colony a “spooky” term? I find trailer parks to be pretty sketchy myself.
    What is so strange about being naked?
    We were born without clothes, so when it comes up I find it weird that someone way back when came up with the idea of covering themselves with whatever the first “clothing item” was. The first people to wear clothes must have looked like mega weirdos.

  27. Why did he call the nudest colony in the first place?

    If it makes him uncomfortable then why did he go?

    The reading was interesting and weird at the same time but it kept my attention. I do not know if i liked it or not.

  28. Is the author obsessed with nudism or is he just so interested he needed to go?

    Why does he want to go to this place so bad if he is scared of showing his body?

    Its contradicting how the author has these two things he wants which is go to the colony but then he is also scared of it. Story was very interesting, maybe one day ill go visit one of these places.

  29. What initially made David want to go to the colony?

    Did he feel more secure after he left the colony?

    This reading kept my attention and was interesting but it’s a little weird too.

  30. The nudist on the phone says “you won’t get lonely,” does that mean if he doesn’t bring company they’ll be his company?
    How can we all get comfortable with our bodies without having to go to a nudist colony?
    I think we all would have serious apprehension in a situation like that because it is so out of the ordinary.

  31. Why did the speaker go from making fun of his brother to visiting the nudist colony?

    If he is uncomfortable with his body why did he go?

    It was an interesting story but a bit weird.

  32. Is an accurate perception of the life of a nudist?

    Are nudist really free-loving, open people, I mean do anyone really know any nudists?

    This story was hilarious, also very interesting story.

  33. The story was very funny .

    Is his brother comfortable visiting the nudist community .

    Sedariss did a good job on staying on topic and flow throughout the paper

  34. When the author is hesitant about showing his body fully nude does this show that he was uncomfortable with himself? or just the situation?

    Is it the opposite was for nudist? Like do they feel uncomfortable being around people that are fully clothed in public?

    This was defiantly an interesting story about a true-life event. Also, I bet the nudists don’t look forward to winter time.

  35. Why were there so few young people in the community?
    Why did they live in a trailer park?
    The text was very descriptive and graphic.

  36. Did the author have any bias going into the naked community?
    Would you ever try an adventure like this?

    I ran into a nudist colony one time, fun times.

    Zachary Anders

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