Reading Response for 11/4

Meghan Daum, “Music Is My Bag”


37 thoughts on “Reading Response for 11/4

  1. Why does people often confuse her oboe as a bassoon?
    Why does she miss playing the oboe when she was always ashamed by it?
    This story is quite entertaining.


  2. The fact that this was about an oboist made me EXTREMELY happy. It pretty much summed up a ton of my feelings about music majors.

    When Meghan Daum says “Music Is My Bag people have a sexlessness to them,” what is she referring to? I know there are a decent about of gay guys that are music majors and some of the girls wear nothing but jeans and a guys t shirt, but there are a lot of super girly girls and your typical douche bag guys too. (I’ve met way too many over the years)

    “I cried in the tenth grade, when I ended up in the All State Band instead of the orchestra” Why does the ensemble we get placed in affect us musicians so much? I remember being so depressed for weeks because I was in all state band instead of orchestra. At least the band literature had more solos that year. (a win for me!)

    “Oboe playing revolves almost entirely around saliva. Spit gets caught in the keys and the joints and must be blown out using cigarette rolling paper as a blotter (a scandalous drugstore purchase for a twelve-year-old)” I laughed so hard when I read this. You have no idea the amount of dirty looks I’ve received buying cigarette paper. People will see a few packs in my oboe case and are completely confused for why I have them.

  3. How does “having a bag connotes the state of being overly interested in something, and yet, in a certain way, not interested enough”?
    Why did Meghan Daum start playing the oboe?
    It would be interesting to have grown up in a musically inclined household.

  4. Renee Lemire
    When Daum states the importance of the second chair oboist, is that an exaggeration? Because when I was in a band and there were rankings of chairs, the second chair did not have those specific responsibilities.

    What are the Rachmaninoff licks? also additional question, so he decided to stop playing when he was walking to the music building from his room and realized he did not want being an oboist to consume his life?

    It was fascinating to know that Reed-making is an eighteenth-century exercise.

  5. How do music lovers “give off an aura that distinguishes them from the rest of the population” as the author says?

    Why does Meghan decide to play the oboe when its a more difficult instrument to play?

    This story makes me want to play an instrument…. I will learn one day.

  6. What if someone did not grow up “in a bag” type oh household?
    Do most musicians feel the same way as the author?
    Daum captures the emotion behind being a musician, and what that means to her.

  7. What makes Meghan play the Oboe?
    Why was she so ashamed to play the Oboe? Especially considering she missed it after she stopped playing.
    I thought this story was fun to read and it definitely kept me entertained.

  8. Do you think the author would relate themselves to all types of music lovers in the world?
    What do you think the author really means by growing up in a “bag”?
    I disagree with the author in that she was basically categorizing all music lovers together because everybody is different and she was putting them all in a bag and grouping them all together, forgetting about their individuality, which is what music is.

  9. Why is “Music in My Bag” considered a culture?

    what exactly does “in my bag” mean?

    I think it is cool that she composes in her sleep.

  10. Why do I get the feeling that the author did not fully enjoy music as much as much as possible?

    How does having a bag show that you are not interested enough?

    I love the first paragraph because I remember being a kid like that. Barely growing facial hair and trying to find my place in the world.

  11. Could someone have or be a part of multiple “bags” in life?
    Is it possible that Daum’s parents continuous insisting pushed her away from wanting to play the oboe as much?
    I found this reading interesting and entertaining.

  12. Why does the author believe music is the “mother of all Bags”?

    Why does the author want the reader to think that the oboe is one of the most complicated instruments to play?

    I was able to compare my separation from volleyball with her separation from her oboe, I liked being able to relate to the author in that way.

    Christie Gleason

  13. Did anyone else find it fascinating that Daum was able to talk about spit, or saliva’s, significance in playing the oboe for almost an entire paragraph?

    What caused Daum to use Billy Joel song playing on every instrument as the criteria to become the Alpha Male?

    I found “Music is My Bag” hard to personally relate to. Although, I did play the saxophone for a year in 4th grade.

    Louie Copley

  14. Why do you think Meghan’s opening sentence is an image of her opinion of music? Is it one you may agree with?

    The author mentions how she produces music in her sleep. How does this strange habit relate to her childhood?

    Meghan Daum isn’t the easiest person to understand. I don’t understand why she stuck to the oboe so long if it didn’t click with her. I did play the piano though, so I can somehow relate. But I actually enjoyed it and was good at it.

  15. Did anyone else not know what an oboe was before reading this?

    Is the oboe like the lesser os instruments to play?

    I agree that you can always tell when someone has a connection with music, whether it is through dancing, playing an instrument, or singing.

    Le’otis Boswell-Johnson

  16. Why would it be bad to fit under the “My College Where I Went to is My Bag” category? If people are proud to be musicians or film geeks, why would it be annoying to be proud of the school you went to?
    Why was/is music so central to Daum’s family?
    The author almost makes it seems that music is the only thing these feelings, activities, and cultures apply to. It irked me a little, because I could relate, but only to a certain point.
    -Becky B.

  17. How did the author’s family become such intense “music is my bag” type of people?
    Did Meghan ever have a choice to be a different kind of person instead of becoming a music fanatic like her family?
    I like how the bag represents what people are interested in and what they love.
    Lauren Anthony

  18. What is the worst thing for parents to be strict on sports, music, or school work?
    Does Meghan feel regret for giving up the oboe?
    I thought this whole story was very witty with the highlight being the part about her lacking motivation.
    Timmy Corrigan

  19. How does the boy get a sexual awakening from being in the school marching band?

    Is this Bag the author is talking about actually a bag that says “Music is my Bag” on it?

    I don’t see why the author had to give up playing the oboe all together.

  20. Is “piano boy” real?

    Why doesn’t the author just play the oboe again?

    This is exactly how I feel at the current moment: I used to play the flute, but am unsure whether or not to continue. I miss it a lot, but since the last band practice of high school I haven’t touched it or even really looked at it.

  21. What is really meant by growing up in a “bag?”

    Why did the author open up with that image?

    I like how the author makes a point that you know when someone connects with music. I don’t play any instruments but because I dance, music is an important part of my life.

  22. Andrew Miller

    Why does she tend to label who she talks about in her writing? Is this intentional?

    Is it fair to assume having a “bag” is a negative thing?

    I enjoyed the article, especially because it reminds me of me and basketball. I miss doing what I did for a good majority of my life.

  23. Why does everyone have a bag?
    Is there a symbolic meaning to her choosing to play an instrument thats harder to play?
    “one misplaced pinky in the middle of a run of sixteenth notes, and everyone will hear, everyone.” this line makes me never want to play the oboe.

  24. Do you think she would have turned out the same way had music not been such a huge influence in her life?
    Why do you think is the purpose of the “bag?”
    I always look up to those and am fascinated by musicians considering every time I’ve ever tried to learn how to play an instrument it just seems to not have worked out.

  25. What is up with the growing up with a bag?
    How can you be embarrased yet miss something at the same time?
    I liked this because of the weird dilemma the author was in

  26. What do you think out current “bag” is?
    Can you really be limited to one “bag”?
    Amazing to hear how much music was apart of her life

    Zachary Anders

  27. How does the guy get a sexual awaking by being in the band?
    what was the purpose of the bag?
    It is nice to see how much music can be apart of someone’s life.
    Palmer Harper

  28. What causes her to choose the oboe instead of an easier instrument?
    If her parents did not push her to play the oboe, would she have enjoyed it more?
    This story makes me regret my choice to stop playing the piano and the saxophone.

  29. Why does meaghan decide to play the oboe if it is so difficult?
    Do you think all musicians would enjoy playing more if they were not pushed by their parents?

    I found the reading interesting and easy to relate to.

  30. Why is she so focused on what bag she is?
    Does she enjoy music minus the practice?
    I like this story cause I can really relate.

  31. Do you feel she only played oboe because she wanted to impress her parents?
    I feel as though there is always a plus in satisfying your parents with whatever activity you are doing, but I personally don’t act or sing because of my parents. Contrary, my parents who were involved in the business want me to have nothing to do with it.
    Is she letting fear and her parent’s ideals get in the way of her playing?
    I understand being afraid to get back on the horse, but its an Oboe. Play it again if you want to; just for fun. You don’t have to play in the New York Philharmonic, just the privacy of your bedroom if you’d like. I feel as though I can relate with the author because I am a musical person and played clarinet for a short while, another woodwind instrument.

  32. Was this anyone else’s first time hearing “bag” used the way it is in this writing? Does it just mean a person’s hobby/ interest?

    What does an oboe look like and sound like?

    I learned a lot of about music dialogue in this writing, i knew nothing about it before, and now i know barely anything…but its a start.

  33. Does everyone have to have a certain “bag”?
    Was the author wrapped up in the bag life because of her parents or because of her love for music?
    I thought the paragraph about Music is my baggers that aren’t musicians at all, was kinda inaccurate, but mostly because I do color guard (“the kids who twirl flags or rifles in the marching band”) and don’t associate myself as a band kid. Color guard is a completely different “bag” and in the writing it makes it seem like all kids in color guard wish they were band kids.

  34. Is everyone’s bag unique to them if everyone has one?

    Why does the author miss playing music when if wasn’t fond of it in her early years?

    I think I’d want to stop playing music if I played the oboe.

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