Journal Prompt, Week 10: Masks and Disguises


In honor of Halloween, I’d like to write about the masks and disguises we wear, literal and metaphorical.

You could write about costumes. Like Halloween of 2008, when I was the Joker from The Dark Knight (like every other guy) and found myself feeling sort of sinister.

You could write about clothing as costume. Like how we wear T-shirts and jeans most days, but then suits for weddings and funerals, or that shirt for going out to the club. Even putting on makeup could constitute a disguise.

Or you could write about the metaphorical masks we wear: acting tough for our guy friends, acting like the perfect kids for our parents, acting as our “best selves” for a significant other.

In short: write about a time/times when you weren’t quite yourself. Due November 3.


35 thoughts on “Journal Prompt, Week 10: Masks and Disguises

  1. Renee Lemire
    It was Halloween of my 10th grade year. I had established myself on the social hierarchy of my high school. I got invited to the hottest annual Halloween party and only the elite could enter. I felt like this was my year to have a costume that zinged. A cop was what I was going to be this year is going to be unforgettable. The night of Halloween arrived and my friends and I arrived at the party. Right when we walked in the door, I just saw a girl fall down the stairs. The stench of liquor surrounding my group of friends as if it was teasing us to take just one sip. I did not know what to do and ironically, I was dressed as a cop. I have been to parties before, but none to this extent. We went to go talk and socialize with people and as we were talking, a thought struck me. I felt obliged to babysit and take care of people because I was dressed as a cop. My instincts kicked in and before you know it, am helping the host of the party pick up trash, clean the spills, and make sure the door is locked. This weird feeling of heroism struck me just because of this costume that I am wearing! The whole night through I felt like the facilitator and made sure everyone was okay and by the closing of the party, I realized I did not really have any fun. When my friends and I were driving home and all of them were talking about how fun it was, how the “famous Joey” came up to talk to them, or who else had really cute costumes. And I was just sitting their laughing at myself in that oh so memorable cop costume.

  2. When I was a senior in high school I got the opportunity to become the captain of the varsity volleyball team. I had never had a leadership position, all I had ever known was the older mean girls constantly yelling at us to play better and to not mess up. I was not sure if I was even qualified for the team after my rough junior year, much less a captain position. The first few weeks flew by, I loved not having mean older authority constantly harping on my back, but as the weeks kept on and after a few tough losses I noticed something different about myself. I noticed that even I had a new mean quality about myself. It wasn’t intentional at all, it was almost completely accidental. But because of the years past of being the scared underclassman, subject to the dictators, I subconsciously thought that that was the only way to be a leader. That was not my personality. With the close and direct help from my coach we built a more positive leadership system for the years to come. Now girls will grow up and learn with an optimistic and positive reinforcement learning system. I like to think I left a good legacy for a team that means a lot to me.

    Christie Gleason

  3. Being from up north, my last two halloweens have been robbed from me by two consecutive storms (hurricane sandy and an october snowstorm). That being said, my most recent and memorable halloween had to be around middle school. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. The fact that you can dress up as anything for a night and act however you please with no judgement just made me glow. As the years went on and Halloween moved from trick or treating to Halloween parties, I was still thrilled to pass out candy to the young kids I had known for years. Moving out of my old neighborhood kind of stripped me of my spirit. I no longer got to see the faces of my friends’ siblings light up as I passed out big candy bars, it just wasn’t the same. On top of that, Halloween being “postponed” one year after the next was just not right. I had become so bitter after these storms that my mom and I stopped handing out candy and failed to decorate because the storms would just wipe them away anyway. Being at school in Florida gives me the chance to get back into the spirit and become my old, festive self again. I can’t wait.

  4. When I was very little, as in early elementary school, I wanted to be a Disney Princess for Halloween. Specifically, I wanted to be Cinderella. I was one of the many young girls who go through a stage where they believe that their life will be a fairy tale and live happily ever after. I was so caught up in the excitement of becoming my favorite Disney character that I started to act like a spoiled princess. I begged my parents for weeks leading up to Halloween to get the Cinderella costume and tiara. Eventually they gave into my princess idea and got me the costume. I wanted to look the best in my class. On the morning of Halloween, when I put on the costume, I felt entitled. I felt that my parents were my servants and had to do everything for me. I whined when I did not get my favorite breakfast and when I could not watch TV. It got to the point where my mom threatened to make me take off the costume if I was going to continue to act spoiled. Needless to say, I was not going to school costume-less, so I stopped my princess act and started to act like my normal self again.

  5. I always ask myself many questions I cant seem to understand the answers to. Personally, I hate dressing up in a buttoned shirt and suit. Of course we all look great wearing a suit and tie, but how come that kind of attire symbolizes the “business man.” I don’t understand why wearing a simple tie means you look better, or that you are more “professional.” How come business attire couldn’t be a shirt and shorts? These “dress codes” rule our life and take away the freedom we potentially have, the freedom to wear what we want when we want. In todays society, women wear makeup and man don’t, their pursuit for perfection when using makeup leads to insecurity. When they don’t have any makeup on its as if their natural look isn’t good enough to fit in with the “beautiful women” around them. I’m not sure where all this came from, but I will always wonder who came up with these ideas. It leads to the monkey see monkey do mentality we live by, we all read magazines and see these stereotypical “perfect models” wearing suits or most times wearing nothing at all. We believe that what we see is the ideal symbol of perfection. This includes all those fitness magazines with models showing their six packs, making women go crazy and most men jealous of their bodies. I’m left here wondering if this will ever change. Are we going to get tired of wearing the same thing every time we have to go out? Maybe someday there will be a revolution in the way we conceptualize “style.”

  6. The idea of masks is something that has been in society for thousands of years. From putting on masks in Greek plays to using masks in 2013 for Halloween, everybody and their grandmother does it. But there is a different type of mask that is not so obvious. This is a mask that I see all the time; it is that of clothing. People use clothes to change who they are. I find myself dressing differently depending on who is going to be around me. My clothing changes when I know there will be people there that I might want to impress compared to when my life long friends will be there and I know they do not care what I wear.
    I know that I am not the only one to do this. I see this habit in my friends. When I know my friend likes a girl he will dress to impress as they say. He would not dress the same to see her as when we go out and grab a burger. In a lot of ways this behavior makes sense because we do want to show respect to others and ourselves but couldn’t putting on a front be dangerous? The answer to that is of course yes. When people strive to put on a front all the time they soon realize that they cannot keep it up. It is more tiring to try and put on a mask than it is to truly be yourself. My friend will sooner or later not be able to dress as nice for that girl and will she care or not? There needs to be a good balance so that she does not think he is someone he is really not. This is the danger of masks nowadays, people sometimes get lost behind them and others think that is who they really are. Just as sad, the people putting on the mask begin to think that the mask is who they really are.

  7. So you know how you always act like a sweet little angel or goody two shoes around your parents or girlfriend, but when you’re with your buddies you’re a completely different person? This is my Halloween story from last year. So in the morning on that day I told my parents I would not be coming home that night and would be staying at a friend’s place in turn they said just don’t be late for school in the morning and be responsible. That night at the party we got raided at least four times by the cops four people were arrested, three were sent to the hospital. The next day I skipped the whole day and stayed at the house to kick off the playoffs for our high school football team with my team mates and friends. When I got home at six pm that night my parents ask the usual how was school. To which I responded like I always do “fine”. They never knew I skipped class that day or that I was at a party that was raided by the cops. They still think I’m a “normal” person and don’t hang out with people who do stupid stuff and get arrested as well as black out.
    Palmer Harper

  8. When people know me well, they would know that I don’t like to dress up. I especially do not really wear dresses or high heels and make-up is even worse for me. But then, there were times where I had to do that. When I was in my junior year of high school, my boyfriend at the time asked me out to homecoming dance. I couldn’t reject him so I decided to try and look good for once. It was hard at that time because all I had were two pairs of heels and one dress that looked very strange- it is very depressing, I know. So I met up with some friends to go to the mall and picked out a dress after shopping for almost three hours. At the night of the dance, my friends did my make-up that I wasn’t very comfortable with at first. To my surprise, I had a lot of fun. I could even say it was the best time of my life. After that event, I thought to myself that changing myself isn’t that big of a deal. Since that homecoming dance, I have always loved wearing dresses and going to dances. However, I still can’t do make-up that well but it’s okay. I don’t have time for that anyway. That is my not-quite-myself experience.

    Michelle Wu

  9. I have always held a reputation as being “the girl who doesn’t care”. And it’s true: most of the time I don’t particularly care about what other people are doing, whether it involves myself or not. People are going to judge you as well as judge others. That’s just a part of human nature. Back home, I wasn’t exactly the most popular after my extremely well-liked boyfriend of 2 and 1/2 years and I broke up. We ended on not-so-good terms, causing people to “pick sides”, and due to his large amount of popularity, let’s just say his side outnumbered mine by a lot. This wasn’t exactly a bad thing; it caused me to realize that peoples’ opinions and judgements of you don’t matter, so long as you and your true friends know who you really are.This realization has made me the person I am thought to be, even still to this day: “the girl who doesn’t care”. However, no matter how much I tell people I don’t care what others think, sometimes things get to me. For instance, I can’t stand when people pass judgement on me without knowing me. If you know who I am and don’t like me, that’s completely fine, not everyone gets along and not everybody’s personalities mesh. But to not know me and just decide you don’t like me? That just irritates the hell out of me. The mask of “I don’t care” that I wear around is not always exactly how I feel. There’s no way that I would ever admit that if you asked me, though. If you had heard that someone was judging me and you asked me if it bothered me, I would definitely say no. That mask is the one I wear, not always, but often. The more I tell myself I don’t care, the easier it is for me to ignore the judgement and just move on.

  10. Wearing “masks” is something I find interesting because last year on a senior spiritual retreat there was a little session on what “masks” are. In this little reflection the questions that were asked were “what mask do you put on when you wake up” and “how many of these ‘masks’ do you have?” We wrote our answers and then were offered an opportunity to describe some of these masks we wore. Some peoples answers were obvious because in my class of 108 people we knew each other well. Others were quite revealing. Some people put masks on because they didn’t want to be who they felt they were. They came to school everyday trying to be someone they weren’t; they weren’t trying to be popular but they were trying to go unnoticed which in the end backfired on them because they stood out. This was a shock to some people because after four years of knowing everyone people think everyone is who they appear to be. The mask I used to put on is the one where I can smile and act like I care. I did this a little to much senior year because there was a problem between a few people of the group of friends I was in and people ended up choosing sides. Instead of choosing I just put that mask on and was on everyone’s side, but I was just really on my own. Eventually everyone got along but the mask is still available if I ever feel like putting it on.

  11. When I was little I was such a tomboy. Every halloween, my mom would try to dress me up in cute little princess outfits and girly things and I always refused. For about four Halloweens straight, I was a pirate. Not only was I a pirate, I was “Max the pirate.” Yes, I was a boy pirate and I even had my mom draw a mustache on me one year. Besides my pirate costume, I also dressed up as Godzilla and Pikachu. For a good portion of my childhood I wore boy Halloween costumes and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything girly, because its Halloween, right? In the fourth grade, my three best friends and I all decided to dress up as something together and go trick or treating. After a few days of brainstorming, we chose to dress up like the Fanta girls. I had never dressed up as anything this girly in my life, but since all my friends were and there were four of us and four Fanta girls, I kind of was forced into it. We went to the costume store and when I tried on my costume, I absolutely loved it. I felt girly for once and it felt good. Now I love girly things, and I wear dresses all the time. I wouldn’t be caught dead dressing up like a boy for Halloween these days.

  12. It was 6th grade in middle school and me and my friends were hanging out one day after school bored as can be. One of my friends thought it would be cool if we all shaved our heads into mauhawks and go to school the next day with matching haircuts. I had really long hair at the time and I knew shaving it would come back to haunt me and I would regret it. But my friends ended up talking me into it and I did. At school the next day, everyone was looking at me, obviously cause I got a ridiculous haircut, but I didn’t feel like myself. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt the wind blowing on the skin of my head. Pretty weird. I did it only to be cool with my friends and that hairstyle was just not a good look for me.

  13. I think masks are as much internal as they are external in most cases. We all put on faces in different situations that could conceal our true thoughts and identities. Like the small talk during introductions, or the innocent look when talking to grandparents. I think our true nature comes out when we surround ourselves with our close friends and family, when we feel comfortable enough to solely express anything we feel. I feel that sometimes these masks are necessary when dealing with day to day scenarios, for example a homeless guy asking you for help. The typical responses are either “I have no money” or you spare some change even a dollar or two if you feel generous. But does anyone really want to give up their money? Hell no! But we do it because that’s what is expected of us, to take pity and be polite.

  14. My freshman year of high school I made the varsity dance team. I was one of only two freshman that held a varsity position and most sports at my school didn’t even allow freshman to make the varsity team. I was grateful for the spot and had no intention of taking it for granted. But my friends were all so impressed, and people I wasn’t even friends with were congratulating me. When my dance team jacket came in with the bold letters VARSITY printed across the back, I decided I would never take it off. I began to wear it around school so that everyone knew I was on the varsity team. I made sure all the JV cheerleaders who weren’t allowed to make varsity saw me, I made sure all the football players saw me, I even showed off to my teachers. The jacket became like a costume for me. I knew I wasn’t the best one on the team, not even close. I also knew that I should be thankful for my position and that at any moment it could be taken away. I didn’t really want to brag it just sort of happened when I wore the jacket. It was like I was stuck in Halloween pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

  15. It is very easy to put on a mask when hanging out with a crowd where you feel like you do not fit in with the group. My 9th grade year, I was trying to find my place in high school. I met some girls who I thought I wanted to be just like and though that I wanted to be friends with. So very easily I put on a mask to fit in with their crowd. They were nothing like me. They were mean, crazy, and only cared about themselves. In order for me to be a part of their group I had to act that way so that they thought I was “cool.” For a couple of months, I had this mask on and my family started to notice it when they saw me around my so called friends. They told me that I wasn’t being myself and that they didn’t think I was hanging out with the right crowd. Eventually I came to realize this but it took me almost the whole school year to figure it out. I think everyone goes through that at some point in high school. Luckily I was able to discover what I was doing pretty early and put a stop to it. I was able to find friends who I loved and loved me without having to wear a mask and pretend to be someone that I’m not. Masks are overrated,

  16. The things people dress up as for Halloween can say a lot about them. You have your zombies which tend to be people that think they are more badass than they actually are, your tv characters which are usually the more comedic people we talk to, and you have those slutty girls that dress up like cats and mice to get attention from drunk guys. This list goes on and on, but that’s just the general gist of it. This year for Halloween I was Princess Belle. Over the many years that I have been in band, I have been nicknamed the oboe princess. This started as a joke from my band director because of how superior I was on my instrument compared to everyone else, but it slowly turned into a serious name. I was the princess of my schools band program. I was able to do just about anything I wanted to do because of how superior my musicianship was. Ever since I got this nickname, I walk around with that thought of being a princess and being superior. I love feeling like the princess and being in charge. What better costume to choose than a princess costume?

  17. As a child, we wear masks purely as costumes, but as we grow older, masks become more of a representation of our lives. Towards the end of summer before my senior year of high school, I became best friends with a girl many people considered to be a school whore. I was a “prude” seventeen-year-old girl who had never even kissed a boy, and she broke me out of that stage. At first we would go to parties together all the time, and I would throw on this mask, of a girl who actually liked doing the party scene. I drank a lot, kissed lots of boys, and did rebellious things that I always got in trouble for. I distanced myself from my Christian friends and goody-goody friends and only spent time with this one best friend. I wore the party scene mask all the time, to a point that it actually became my life. I was no longer pretending to like doing that stuff, I actually did. I needed it. I lost many friends because of it and everyone noticed a change in me. I ignored what they were saying until I actually started to see that change myself during the middle-end of senior year and I made some adjustments. I stopped hanging out with her as much, and cut back on the party scene. I found myself having a healthier lifestyle– I didn’t have to worry about peer pressure and illegal activity, which was an amazing feeling.

  18. Le’otis Boswell-Johnson

    Growing up, Halloween was never that big of a deal in my house for religious reasons. My mom would always just buy me a huge bag of variety pack of candy instead of trick or treating. One glorious year, my second grade year, for whatever reason, my mom actually allowed me to get dressed up and go trick or treating in my neighborhood with my friend who lived across the street and his mother. I remember the most important thing was to have an absolutely perfect costume, so I came to the conclusion was to be the one thing that second grade boy wanted to be, a sword wielding agent of the night, a ninja of course. I remember being the happiest second grade ninja that ever faced the planet of the Earth on the night of Halloween. I don’t even think I got that much candy. I believe we only went to like three houses but it was just the fact that I was allowed to go out and trick or treat. That was probably my first and last time trick or treating. I really have never been into trick or treating and dressing up, even to this day, but that night I did enjoy myself.

  19. When arriving at high school for the first time everyone is trying to fit in and find their group of friends as a freshman. It happens quite too often that people change who they are as a person just to be “cool” or get into a certain group of friends. Whether its putting on a ton of make up, dressing differently or even talking in a way you normally wouldn’t, people disguise who they really are all the time. I remember changing the way I dressed as a freshman because people in high school always wore expensive brand names and nice clothes. I was still trying to find who I was at that time so I didn’t mind conforming to the ways of Douglas High, but now I would never act or wear something like those people. When you are in the process of finding yourself, you sometimes try to be someone else-which is exactly what most students do to fit in. You eventually realize that being with a certain group isn’t the most important thing in life and people will accept you for being who you actually are.
    Lauren Anthony

  20. I try to be myself around almost everyone – but sometimes, it’s not appropriate to have a sailor’s mouth while talking about video games or the latest episode of that one show. When I’m around my family and friends, I let it happen, even if my mother scolds me for it (“What kind of language is that?” “English.”).
    Throughout high school, I felt like I couldn’t be myself that much. If I had, I would get detention for speaking out of turn or distracting other students or something like that. I could only truly be myself around my friends between classes, during fling (a morning break style period where we could meet with teachers or do homework if needed), during lunch, and before/after school, and only if there were no teachers around.
    Instead, I tried to express myself to/with my friends (during class) with weird faces, almost as though I was in “The Office.” Even though this was a different way for me to communicate, the way I would normally expressed myself never went away – in fact, the whole making faces thing just added to it. I’m now known amongst my friends to make some of the weirdest, most messed up facial expressions. It was kind of like a disguise that ended up being part of who I am now.
    -Becky B.

  21. Andrew Miller

    There was a time back in my youthful ignorance when I put on a facade for a while. It was back in seventh grade at a Halloween party of mine that I had decided to throw. A few weeks before the party, a kid in my class tried to befriend me, for what I was told, solely to come to this party. After one of my friends broke this news to me, I didn’t want him to come at all. The only problem was the kid’s mom happened to be friends with my mom, so for the sake of her having someone at the party to talk to, I reluctantly agreed. I figured even if he was at the party I could avoid him. I invited the kid, and whenever he came around with his mom I acted like I was practically best friends with her son. However, when I saw him alone I told him to his face I didn’t want him there. I was also rather blatant with the ensuing silent treatment. I think he got the hint, too, because I didn’t see him or hear from him too much after that. I think he got what he deserved, and his mom still probably thinks we’re hanging out to this day.

  22. I have had to put a mask on in my life and honestly it made me a better person. I met a girl when I was a junior in high school, in a low point in my life. I was having trouble with following the rules and my father was deployed to Afghanistan. This girl was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Five-foot ten-inches tall, with gorgeous long brown hair, amazing hazel eyes, and a smile that could make your heart melt. I fell for her right when I saw her, but I couldn’t approach this girl being the unstable, bad kid that I have been for the last few months, so I had to put on a mask. I acted proper, dressed nicely, followed the rules, and did my homework. We started talking and eventually started dating. During these two years that we dated this girl saved my life. She helped bring me up from nothing. She helped me cope with my dad being gone for a whole year. She supported me through everything that I went through (and I hope she still does). The reason that this mask helped me is because it grabbed her attention that I was a good guy and after we got to know each other I realized that with her help I became a good guy. I am not sure if I have lost that here yet though. I love this girl and always will, she gave to me so much more than I could have ever asked for and I hope she knows that. Putting on this mask to try and get to know her was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  23. I knew coming to college meant a huge change, but I thought I was definitely ready for it. To anyone that truly knows me, knows that I am not a very serious person. I do like to think I “have it together” but I am very sarcastic, laid back and pretty comical. So when I got to FSU and was figuring out all the places that I belonged I decided to try out for a dance company. Auditions were pretty normal, everyone especially me was very serious and had their game face on. But up until about two weeks ago I haven’t really been myself at dance. It has been a huge adjustment to dance with different girls after I danced with the same company for about sixteen years. So every time I came to dance at FSU I kind of was just in a serious dancer mode, not the joking around kind of girl I consider myself to be. As I have gotten to be more comfortable around everyone and make good friends within this new company, I have been able to open up and show my true personality of a fun and carefree person. I didn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression of me but I also wanted to try and meet everyone and get to know them before I started to act crazy around them. Maybe it was a mistake and I should have been myself from the start. I will definitely keep this experience in mind for my next endeavor in a new environment.

  24. One thing that comes to mind when i’m not myself is when i’m angry. When i get into a heated argument I completely transform into a shaken up soda ready to explode. The argument can be as dumb as “what color blue the sky is” literally anything can make me pop off. When i’m not heated i feel like I am a mellow down to earth guy it’s just when things get heated I just aren’t the same Matt. I dont know what it is.This is my lame story when im not myself

  25. I’m truly myself when I’m around my friends and family that know me the best. Around people you know you don’t have to think before you speak or watch what you do because your comfortable in there presence. When my parents hear me curse they throw it right back at me and I love it. My friends and I get rowdy and have fun and don’t think twice weather or not we look stupid because we are surrounded by people who know that we look stupid but don’t care because we are all best friends. I do put a mask on in class and sometimes around people I don’t know. Its not because I’m afraid but I would not want to offend anyone on accident. What I say in front of my friends someone else might find offensive. In the class the mask comes off a little depending on what class it is. In classes where discussion is encouraged and I have classmates that I enjoy being around they might get the me without the mask, they might see the me that loves talking to people and on different topics. I don’t want to put on the mask and I wish that know one else had to either but we (including myself) are so concerned with what other people think that the mask becomes somewhat of automatic self defense system.

  26. When talking about masks the first thing that pops in my head is my sophomore year in High school. I had just switched schools and I thought to myself “Hey I could be anyone I wanted and they would totally believe me.” So showing up for my first day, I sold to the entire class I was the most interesting man in the world. I told the class that I scuba dived off the coast almost every weekend and that I was this totally rad surfer. But in reality I just snorkeled in the shallow end with the guppies and skin boarded on a rare occasion. See back at my old high school I wasn’t high up on the social ladder and being the ignorant boy I was thought I needed to bend the truth to get people to like me. Eventually I couldn’t deal with this false mask I was putting on and I came clean. Apparently I wasn’t as great of a story teller as I thought being most of my new friends said they knew I was exaggerating from the start but thought I was a cool dude anyways. Moral of the story is be yourself because their is only one of you in the world.

    Zachary Anders

  27. It’s very rare that I am able to be myself. There are social norms that one mat abide by to be “normal” and not worry your parents. I’m not the kind of girl that will wake up 20 minutes earlier to put on makeup, unless I’m trying to impress a certain guy. I won’t tell my dad that I go out and party with my friends because I’m still his little girl. I won’t let my mom know that sometimes college is hard because she is already worried enough about me being on my own. I have used so many excuses and I can’t help but wonder if I do these things for others or for myself. For the convenience of not having to deal with upset friends and family. At the end of the day, not being yourself completely is a form of defense that I stand by. I won’t be myself completely until Im married and everything is out on the table haha.

  28. To me, football wasn’t just a sport… it was a lifestyle. Anytime football was involved, I worked as though my life depended on it. Being on the football team was like being part of a bigger family and I took it seriously. Outside of football I was just normal old me: good at school work, loved to talk to anyone, and always courteous to teachers. On Fridays, however, when that Jersey was on… I was “The Man.” I was part of this exclusive club (Family) and others weren’t allowed in. I became a smug, angsty person. I hid behind this guise that football players are kings of the schools. and we really were. Anytime you got in trouble an administrator would let you off with a slap on the wrists. I fell in love with the feeling of being dominant, but I knew I was being a jerk. Secretly, I knew it was wrong; but I let it continue. When football season was over, I was back to my same old, studious self.

  29. One reason for wearing a mask is to pretend to be someone or something else. The mask can be a kind of language that expresses the emotion of the figure one chooses to create. This year Halloween I went as Micheal Myers from Halloween . When I put on the mask I sorta nervous because the person who did in fact put on that mask actually kill people . The meaning of mask goes back years and years ago . People wear mask for disguise , to cover up emotions , or just to become somebody they admired or envy . My favorite mask of all time has to be the masks 3 Ninjas . Each mask had a significant meaning for each one. I love mask actually especially at different parties such as masquerades ect . It is a grotesque or humorous face that is normally worn at carnivals and masquerades.

  30. Everyone wears some sort of “mask.” It can be their personality or a costume. Times when I am “wearing a mask” are around some of my best friends. They are the only people that have really seen the real me. The people I know really well I know that I can mess with or act different because I know what the outcome will be. I can’t really embarrass myself around them. It sounds weird but I’m sure there are a lot of people like that. Some of my friends act the same around everyone and that’s how everyone knows them but everyone knows me a different way. People back home in Virginia see me way differently than people here at FSU, at least I think.

  31. People put on different masks every day. Women put on masks when they put on makeup. The make up makes the girl look younger and prettier. People also wear costumes when they go in to special kinds of the public. For instances a businessman will wear a suit to impress business partners. These clothes are likely not the man’s typical clothing, he is wearing them to show off the best he can be. People also mask their houses or dorm rooms when they clean up when a friend or parents come by. They do this to show a different person, than the typical self. People may live in filth and only clean when someone else comes by just to mask the persons impression of the other person. People mask everyday and some even make a living out of it.

  32. People put on “masks” all the time to avoid really being seen by others. It is a protective mechanism. People cover up their true selves because they don’t want to be judged for being who they are. Everyone’s mask has something in common, it is created by others and what they want to see. And we all need to learn to take our masks off and throw them away. I have a mask myself and it is slowly being destroyed. Whenever I come to a new place, like college, for example, I don my mask. ‘I’m not close with anyone yet and obviously want to make good friends, but will they like the real me right away? It is probably best to wear my mask for a couple of weeks so I don’t scare people away.’ This mask makes me act, sound, and even look like everyone around me, I put it on to please others. I’ve made friends now and my mask is completely off and all of my friends still love me. I, along with the rest of the world, need to learn that it is not about what others want from you, it’s about what you already have and if someone does not like it then they can keep walking. Just be you.

  33. If you believe enough that you are someone else, you could actually take on that role. When i was younger, I wanted to be a lot of things, especially Kim Possible. One year for Halloween I decided to dress up like Kim Possible. I was so excited! I had the black shirt, gloss, cargo pants, and even a wig. I got into character very easily, it was weird. I ran around all night saying “What’s the sitch, Wade?” and doing cartwheels. Apparently it was hilarious. Everyone else was just wearing their costumes and I was acting mine out. I didn’t actually believe I was Kim Possible but my actions did resemble the character. I don’t regret changing a bit for Halloween because it was all out of good fun and acting like Kim Possible made the night more fun.

  34. When I was young, about eight years old, I lived in a small, gated neighborhood in South Florida where I would bike over to my friends’ houses and hang out. We would cause a lot of mischief in the neighborhood. My friend Patrick and I were best friends. We would do everything together and we would always have each other’s backs. I would never do anything hurt him or play a prank on him. One day however he was having dinner with his family so I decided to hang out with some of the older kids who lived a couple houses down from Patrick. They wanted to mess with the Ekeys, Patrick’s parents. If I was being myself I would have told them, lets do something else, but because they were older and I wanted to seem cool, I decided to go along with there idea. They had the brilliant plan of, sneaking into the backyard of their neighbors and lobbing grapefruit into holes on the top of the Ekey’s screened-in porch where the family was having dinner. Everyone lobbed their grapefruits through a big hole that was above the pool but I through mine through the hole that was above their table, which made a huge noise. This really upset the dad who had a bad temper. I ended up getting in pretty big trouble with my parents. This never would have happened if I stayed true to myself and did not try to impress the older kids.
    Timmy Corrigan

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