Journal Prompt Week 9: Unsolved Mysteries

So when I was in fifth grade, someone stole a Pokemon card from one of my classmates. It was a Charizard, a holographic one. I wasn’t particularly good friends with this kid, but I took it upon myself to find out who took it. Maybe I fancied myself a bit of a fifth grade detective. I questioned some kids, but found no leads. The trail went cold. The case remains unsolved.

Our lives are, for better or worse, not a whole lot like a detective story. Beautiful “dames” (or dudes) don’t just walk into our offices, pleading us to solve their case. Little, seemingly insignificant details don’t turn out to be clues—they just turn out to be little, insignificant details. Few of us will experience the kind of last-act twist that casts doubt over everything we think we know. For most of us, there’s not one big mystery we’re trying to solve, but a lot of little ones.

But in all our lives, there is at least some small amount of mystery. Like the identity of that Pokemon thief. And I think that’s a wonderful thing. Although I also see how it could be a terrible thing for some: not knowing the fate or location of a loved one, wondering why your significant other broke your heart.

Reflect on the mysteries in your life, good or bad. Tell me about one of them, or more if you like. What does it mean to you? Will you ever solve it?

Due Sunday, October 27.


34 thoughts on “Journal Prompt Week 9: Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Renee Lemire
    Christmas time, a period of time which everything and everyone falls right into place and when the utmost joy in everyone comes out to play…not everything falls into its place for me. Every year a “Santa Claus” appears at my house (where the whole family gathers) in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve. He comes with two huge red sacs of wrapped gifts for everyone of us. The children in our family are awe struck and I am closely examining this man and trying to figure out who this “Santa Claus” really is. Okay, I know it is not Uncle Stephen because he is always in the dining room eating all the Christmas themed anti-pasta that my mother makes (understandable because it’s so delicious). It cannot possibly be Uncle Michael because he is never on time. Each and every year I go through the same deductive reasoning and still find no answers. I try to listen very carefully to his voice and all I can think of is my high school principle. Wait, maybe it is him! He is Jewish so he is not necessarily busy during this time of year. My whole family does a very good job at hiding the man behind the beard to us. Even my older sister and cousins do not know who this man is. One day. One day, I will uncover who the man behind the suit and beard is, but for know I am just going to enjoy the anti-pasta.

  2. When the iPhone first came out, one of my friends was just so lucky to get it. The first iPhone were super expensive, running around 500 dollars, and everyone wanted to get ahold of this new piece of technology. One day, while at a swim meet, my friend left her iPhone on top of her swim bag as she was racing. After her race, she came back to her bag and the iPhone was gone. She asked for my help to try and find it. I asked her the common questions any detective would such as, when was the last time you saw your phone, who was around when you left to race, and does it have a tracking device. All these questions led to a dead end. The next best time to do was ask the people around if they saw someone go into her bag. They all said no. After countless minutes of searching the pool deck and lost and found we started to give up. There were over 500 people at the swim meet and anyone could have taken it. To this day, my friend still has not found her iPhone. I feel bad that I was not able to help her relocate her phone. However, she did get a new iPhone.

  3. “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” Honestly, as an elementary school student, I couldn’t tell you how many times I was asked that question. Each time, every student asked would respond, “Who me?” and each time the one questioning the student (usually the teacher, but sometimes the line leader got the privilege of asking) would answer, “Yes you!”, as the student acted quite offended and responded, “Couldn’t be!”. As a last attempt at finding out who took the cookie, the questioner would ask that student one final question: “Then who?”, and the questioning would begin again, this time with another student. Each time, many students were questioned, and each time no answer was found. Even in elementary schools to this day, the question “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” is still being asked. Clearly, they have found no strong leads. And with every elementary school student as a suspect, how could they have found any? Come to think of it, once we were totally convinced that this girl named Morgan in my 1st grade class took the cookie, but she turned around and said “Couldn’t be!” and blamed it on Madeline. Madeline denied it as well, and the questioning continued until the teacher came down to get us from the gym and out of the gym teacher’s hair. Even now, I still have yet to find out who exactly is the cookie-stealing culprit.

  4. According to my Mom’s baby name book, Hannah means “graceful” in Hebrew. Graceful is an adjective characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner or movement. After jumbo shrimp, this is the world’s biggest oxymoron. I am notorious for walking into walls, being unable to walk in a straight line, tripping over my own two feet and (the worst) falling going up and down the stairs. Needless to say, gravity is no friend of mine.
    Those who know me well never let me forget the time that I scrapped my knee open playing on a sand volleyball court. No one ever picked me to be on any of their sports teams in elementary school for my lack of coordination. I don’t blame them in the slightest. I have helped lighten the mood at countless funerals, graduations, awards ceremonies, dances, and any other formal event thanks to my falling on the dance floor or taking a tumble on stage in front of thousands of eyes.
    After years of embarrassment, one has to wonder why on Earth my parents would think to name me Hannah. According to them, I must have had grace in the first few days of life, but where did it go?
    I honestly would like to utilize my grace to its full extent. I would like to finally water ski, ice skate, practice any sort of athleticism or even so much as get from point A to point B without harming myself and those around me. When will the day come that I can use normal adult sized scissors as opposed to the third grade scissors that are collecting dust on my desk?
    If you were present at Bethesda Memorial Hospital on June 15, 1995 and saw graceful walking down the hall, please let me know where she went. I’ve searched high and low in every activity possible and have yet to find her.

    I’ve also always wondered, who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who? WHO?

  5. One of the biggest mysteries in my life is the question why do bad things happen to such good people. For instance, the event of 9/11, the horrific event that will go down forever in history. The event that kid the lives of thousands of Americans, including our nations heroes. I do believe in God, don’t get me wrong, but I will never be able to understand why such terrible and unimaginable things can happen in this world. Why do men that risk their lives defending our country be granted with terrible fates? It kills me not knowing the reason why. Back at my old high school, there was a guidance counselor named Mrs. Hirsh. I swear, she was one of the nicest and most selfless ladies I have ever met in my entire life, and that isn’t easy to say. Her husband, who was also just as kind hearted, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was given only about 6 months to live after he was diagnosed. Fortunately, the 6 months turned into two years of survival. Everything was looking bright for this happy couple, but unfortunately about 2 months ago he passed away. Why must these things happen? But what if we had a cure for cancer. Would our planet be then overpopulated? Would prices in hospitals rise rapidly? These are questions I will never know, but maybe someday I will. That is the biggest mystery in my life, the big question why.

  6. One life question that often puzzles me is, “How are we perceived by others?” We all have our own preconceived idea of ourselves, but what do other people really think about you? Many people often think that they are far more liked than they actually are. Also, some people think they give off a certain persona or stereotype vibe and they actually are giving off a completely different one. I think I give off a girly but intelligent vibe. I often ask a lot of questions to make sure I completely understand the situation and what I must do to handle it. But do other people think I come off as unintelligent and ditzy because they think I have no idea what’s going on? Think about yourself. Are you the quiet one in the back corner with a million intellectual thoughts going a billion miles per hour that everyone thinks is stupid because he doesn’t talk? Or are you the obnoxious one in the front of the room commenting on everything that everyone thinks is smart when in reality you make up half the things you say? There’s a lot of different profiles that people could force you into, so before they pick and choose where you fit, make sure you’re giving off the right impression.

    Christie Gleason

  7. One of the greatest mysteries of my childhood took place on Valentines Day in first grade. I came to class holding my decorated Valentine box in one hand and my bag of personalized cards in the other. My teacher told us all that we could bring in cards or candy as long as be brought one for everyone and didn’t bring bigger/better treats for certain friends. I followed the rules and I left my box on top of my desk and began my journey around the classroom to drop my cards into everyone’s box. After making my rounds I came back to my desk to a chocolate rose hidden under my box. I looked around in a panic in hopes that every desk had a similar gift on top too. When I realized I was the only one I read the card thinking it had to be a mistake. The card had “Jamie I love You” scribbled across it. I ran to my best friend and asked her to help me get to the bottom of it. We turned into detectives immediately trying to read the faces of the boys around the classroom. We checked the bathroom for any embarrassed boys that might be hiding from me. We even interviewed a few but by the time the school day ended we had no luck. To this day I have no idea who my secret admirer was and the mystery bothered my for most of my first grade year.

  8. The old saying is that, “everything happens for a reason”. But how are we ever supposed to find out what the reason is? And why does the reasoning have to be bad some of the time? One mystery that i have never been able to solve in my life thus far is who stole my bike in the fourth grade. It was bike rodeo week at Eighth Street Elementary school and all of us students had brought our bikes to school and chained then up against the fence around the track. Throughout the day each grade would take turns getting to ride their bikes through a trail that went all the way around school. The 4th graders were set up to ride right before we went to lunch, and then immediately after lunch. After going around the track a few times it was time for us to take a lunch break. Knowing that we would be right back outside to finish riding i did not lock my bike up to the fence. After lunch i walked back out to the track to see my bike and at least 3 or 4 other bikes missing. Why would someone steal a 4th graders bike during bike rodeo week? Did they not understand it was one of the single most exciting days of the school year? i was outraged. Me and my buddies never did see our bikes ever again, and the school cameras didn’t cover the area where our bikes were sitting. It is a mystery that will never be solved. I miss that bike.

  9. I cannot begin to tell you how many things I have misplaced, or as I loved to say, stolen from me. When something goes missing we automatically jump to the conclusion that someone else took it or moved it from where you originally had it. Too many times have I blamed my brother and sister for taking an item from my room and realizing later that I was the thief-always forgetting where I put it. Little things get lost all the time and eventually become erased from your memory but I can never forget when I “lost” my new Razor scooter. As a kid playing outside was an everyday thing, from the moments after stepping off the bus ’till the sun went down, my friends and I were always playing some new game out in the cul-de-sac. What toys you had really mattered in those days because you didn’t want to be left behind when everyone else was riding away on their new bike or skateboard. My scooter got me into the club and we spent our afternoons riding and racing up and down the streets until the day went it went missing. I still don’t know what ever happened to my scooter or who would want to crush my little kid dreams and take it for themselves. It was a sad time in my life and I felt like a part of me was missing when I could no longer participate in the afternoon kid activities.

  10. Most of the mysteries in my life consist of me misplacing my wallet or cleats and having to run all around my house frantically searching for my possessions until I ask my mom if she has seen them. Nine times out of ten she knows exactly where I left them. It’s Funny how mothers have a sixth sense with things like that. But on those rare occasions when not even my mother knows where to look all bets are off. Like the time I lost my first pet. When I was a three year old kid my family lived in a modest house in a very unwelcoming neighborhood. It was difficult to make friends with any neighbors so one day my parents finally appeased my infinite requests and got me a dog. The very next day as my mom came home with a beautiful pure bread puppy beagle named Skippy. He looked exactly like the dog on the cover of Shiloh and had as much energy as I did. For the next three months I finally had a friend, until suddenly I didn’t. My parents gave me the old “he ran away” technique. I was devastated. I made posters, called dog shelters, and spent afternoons in the car driving around the city hoping I would be reunited. All hope was in vain because I never saw Skippy again. I still wondered what actually happened to him, but more importantly where he went if he really did escape. But I guess it’s just one of those mysteries that can’t be solved.

  11. Just wanted to say that after reading the prompt I got a big smile on my face because I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to write about. Anyway, it was a cold winter night in Finksburg, Maryland in the winter of 2006. Thankfully, my family and I were not in our new house during this winter break. Instead, we were visiting family for the holidays in our previous hometown right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I didn’t realize how lucky we were to not be home during this time until we arrived on new years day. As soon as I got home that day, I ran downstairs into the basement– yes, we actually have basements up north it’s actually pretty awesome– to play my xbox which was rather routine for my sixth grade self. I immediately came to a halt, however, as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs. I looked up and saw that our sliding glass door had been shattered near the door, and the door was cracked open. I instantly sensed something was not right, and as I turned to my left, all of the alcohol had been missing from our bar. I ran upstairs at the speed of light fearing the burglars may still be in the house, which of course since it was broad daylight they weren’t. After informing my parents about what I had seen and assuring them I was not lying, my dad let out a few select curse words in his rage down the steps. It was something like, “We haven’t even had this ******* house for a year and already it’s being robbed.” We called the police, as any sensible civilian would do, but they told us it would be nearly impossible to catch the thieves because they had left no traces behind and nothing worth-while was actually stolen, just over two or three hundred dollars worth of alcohol I would say. I wasn’t actually allowed in the room where the conversation between the officers of law and my parents was occurring, so like any other curious teenager, I pressed my ear against the door and began eves dropping. I decided that since the police were not doing anything about the situation, it was time to become a man and take matters into my own hands and catch the perp(s). My first thought was that it was high school kids looking for some free booze. This trail, unfortunately, lead to a dead end as I discovered there were no high school students that lived on my rather small street. I then thought that maybe it was an inside job, maybe someone who knew we were going to be away. This also lead my investigation to a standstill because we really didn’t know well enough to inform them of our vacation plans, since we hadn’t lived there long at all. It was at this point I realized I was way in over my head, for I did not posses the resources or technology needed to discover the criminals. I felt ashamed and disgraced I was not going to be able to accomplish what I originally set out to do. The perps were never caught, and to be honest I think the rest of the family forgot about the whole incident a few weeks later, but not me. Looking back on it, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to have tons of alcohol visible from a sliding glass door. But hey, what are you going to do? These things happen.

    Louie Copley

  12. Life is comprised of many moments that we sometimes understand and we sometimes do not. Many times we are left wondering why? A mystery that has me wondering why in my life is that of why God decided to save and love me. I am just a sinner that turns my back on God and His love every single day. I do not deserve to have a relationship with Him but He decided to die for me in order that I can have a relationship with Him. If someone turned his or her back on me repeatedly day in and day out I would definitely begin to stop paying any attention to that person. Thankfully that is not how God operates. But why does He do this if He knows that I am just going to turn my back on Him again.
    This is a mystery that I do not think I will ever understand until I die and see Him face to face. For now I am left knowing that His love is true and recognizing that I may not understand it at the time but that is okay because I do not have to understand everything to have faith. After all, do I really want a God that I can fully comprehend? That would mean that I am just as smart as He is. This is why I believe that mysteries are okay in life, and without asking questions one will never find answers.

  13. “Good things happen to those who wait.” I can never understand this phrase because there are so many people I know in real life that never got anything good. For example, my best friend had gone through a lot of tough moments and for three years, she lived in a normal life and nothing extraordinary ever happens to her. On the contrary, I also know a bunch of people who are always lucky and they always get all they wanted without waiting or looking forward to anything. I guess I would refer to these people as fortunate. Another thing I always ponder about is “Everyone is created equal”. I learned that from my parents, teachers and through many social events but I don’t believe that to be true. There are many geniuses in this world that are far above our level to begin with. We don’t start at the same starting line because they have some extraordinary talent that normal people are unable to achieve. For example, I am always jealous of my cousin because she seems to have everything I don’t have. She has a loving family who hardly fight; she is tall, pretty and has guys drool on her every time she walks out her door. Also, she is not just smart. She seems to have this photographic memory since childhood. She was always in the top 5th percent in her class can you believe what her job is now? She gets to talk face-to-face with celebrities and interview them! The worst thing is, she told me that she got to meet my celebrity crush! I almost cried when I heard that because the last thing I want to do before I die is to at least go to one of his concerts or get his signature. Looking at her life, I don’t think it is very fair. But I don’t really care anymore because good things will happen to those who wait. At least, I hope.

    Michelle Wu

  14. As a young boy all I loved were my two pet hermit crabs, Lucy and Hershey. I know it’s lame but they were my best friends and I would take them everywhere from the park to school. One day I went to go play with my pets, yes you can play with hermit crabs, and I was met with an empty tank. I was traumatized. I immediately ran crying to my parents room, pleading for them to find them. They searched the house with me for hours but we came up with nothing. Taking things into my own hands, I went detective mode. Figuring they were not in the house they must of been hermit-napped. I interrogated the culdesac kids, drilling them on if they had my hermit crabs. Still I had no leads in the case. Eventually I accepted my best friends where gone. I gave up the case and I got a puppy for my next birthday and lived happily ever after. Recently however I found out the true fate of my youth pets. Naturally being the irresponsible 9 year old, I forgot to feed them so my parents flushed them down the toilet.

    Zachary Anders

  15. A potent mystery that has been pestering my mind for quite a few months now is the fate of my high school relationship. College is a time in a young adults life where they can explore their future and find their place in society. Of course this road to success voluntarily includes lots of partying and underage drinking. Making college a less nurturing environment for long distance relationships. With my high school sweetheart being shipped out to Fort Benning mid summer we decided to end things after school ended but that didn’t go as planned. Hanging out every day and acting like we were still together made things seem as if they hadn’t changed. July came taking him away to the Army followed by August sweeping me into the chaos of freshman year at Florida State. Letters were exchanged and we tried to keep in touch. But I must admit college got the best of me. I didn’t have as much time for my high school boyfriend as I had hoped I would. In an attempt to rekindle our relationship I decided to surprise him on a 36-hour pass he had from his duties in the army. Contacting his mother to get the plans rolling I learned he had another friend visiting be during the pass and SHE was going with his family. Who exactly was this girl going to visit him?? How did she find out about the pass anyways?? As the 36-hour pass came and went I heard nothing from him. It’s safe to say we don’t write anymore and we’re no longer together. With no closure to our relationship, not even a phone call or a letter, it does make a girl wonder what even happened…

    P.S. Could you tell me how many of the Journal Prompts i have completed or missed?

  16. When something important is lost to you all sorts of question begin to pop up through your head . You wonder were did you lose it at , how did you lose it and will you ever get it back time so you would not have to tell your mom you lost it and they give you that disgruntled look on their face . This exactly happen to me when I lost my iPod. I remember listening to it one Sunday morning after church and leaving it on the table and then when I came back it disappeared . As soon as this happen I quickly went into detective mode I kinda felt like Sherlock Holmes. I kept trying to retrace my steps to see if I would have lost it any where else but I in fact did not . This was a huge mystery to me because I know that I did not lose it any where else .And if I did the only place it could be was in the house . Eventually I lost hope and I gave up look for it . A couple days went by and I had a sad look on my face . When my parents ask me what was wrong I told that I lost my iPod . Then my father reach in his pocket and handed it to me I was shock with so question racing through my head . When I ask him where did he find it he told me “You left it in my car .”. I laugh because I knew in fact that the mystery was solved .

  17. Losing something close to you can be heartrending and devastating. Sometimes when you lose something or someone you don’t know why or how the event happened. These stories become mysteries. In my case I have never really lost anything significant to me that I didn’t know what happened to it. However, when I was about 10 me and my friend went to the soccer fields to play sports. I brought my brand new Game boy Advanced SP with a new Pokemon game inside the cartridge. I left the game boy right next to a soccer post. I played football for about thirty minutes and when I came back the Game boy was gone. I searched all around the area for countless minutes. I even confronted two kids who were walking around the area suspiciously. They said they did not know what I was talking about and refused to empty their baggy pockets. To this day I still believe that those two kids stole my Gameboy. They were much older and bigger than me so there was nothing more I could do.

  18. One of the greatest mysteries in my life is why I am where I am today. I am a kid from a suburb north of Baltimore. No one in my family went to FSU. I do not know anyone who has gone here. But for some reason it has been my dream to come to FSU since I was in fifth grade. This is something that makes me think very deeply about who I am and why I do what I do. It is also still a mystery to me why I became a fan of FSU back in fifth grade. When I think back it might have been a project that I did on Seminole indians, or the fact that I wanted to piss my dad off and like a team other than University of Maryland (I chose FSU because if I had picked UNC or Duke he would have disowned me). Either way, for some reason I have loved FSU for years and it forced me to come here for school. I am not quite sure if I will ever find the answer to this question. Maybe one day, when I’m old, I will look back on where I have been and how I have gotten there and I will see how all of this worked out and I might just see that some of the greatest things in my life happened because I went here. But right now we will not know why I am here but I figure I might as well have fun while I am here.

  19. It was early August of this year – time to start organizing and packing up for college. I had a bunch of stuff in the corner from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the majority of my school supplies (notebooks, calculator, pencils, etc) were in the backpack I used for my junior and senior years of high school. As more it got closer to the day that I would move into my dorm, I would organize more – I put my miscellaneous things into my storage containers (the kinds that can roll under the bed) and there was a lot of moving around of various objects in my room as I made sure three times over that I had every single thing I could have needed.
    The move went smoothly. Everything got to where it needed to go, and was organized in no time. I had everything I needed and wanted to bring with me, and nothing was left behind that I knew of.
    Then it came time for math homework. I went to my backpack to grab my calculator to use it for the assignment, but I couldn’t find it…. I looked in every pocket, at the bottom, in the back, every single spot – nowhere to be found. When I visited home, I looked for it, and still couldn’t find it. To this day, I haven’t found it. I should probably invest in a new one soon….
    -Becky B.

  20. Life is filled with mysteries. I think that life itself is one big mystery. I could never be one of those people that knew exactly what they were going to do that day, and exactly when. Through out my years on this earth I have learned that its best to just let life take you where it is going to take you. If you learn to love the excitement of the endless possibilities life has to offer, it makes it so much more fun. If you think of life this way, you never really know whats going to happen next. The mysteriosness of what could possibly happen makes life worth living. Some may say I have a “free spirit,” but living this way makes it more enjoyable for me. If you try to question every aspect of life, you can think you know the reason behind it, but you never really will. The world is filled with complex explinations that nobody can truly understand and people spend their lives trying to figure it out. Some may like the chase, but I just like to think of it as life being unknown for its own reason and nobody will really ever know.

  21. When I was really young, I had a stuffed animal bunny that my dad had gotten me on one of his business trips that he went on. It was so soft and even rattled when I shook it. Every night I slept with it by my side. I literally refused to sleep without it. It was probably my favorite thing in the whole entire world. One day, I remember coming home from school, and it had disappeared from my room completely. I checked everywhere, under my bed, in my bed, in my closet, everywhere. I asked my mom if she had moved it, she hadn’t. I asked my sister and my dad, and neither of them had moved it. I searched for it for days, then it was becoming weeks, then becoming months. This sucked because I was only six and still felt like I needed it when I slept at night. I was so sad because this had so much meaning to me. To this day, I still have not found it. It’s quite a mystery because I had slept with it the night before…or at least I think I did. Where could it of gone? It’s not like it had legs of it’s own to just get up and walk away. Also it’s not like it was a tiny earring or something that could of just fallen on the ground and gotten lost. It was a decent sized stuffed animal that just disappeared. I will forever wonder what happened to it. Weird stuff.

  22. One of the biggest mysteries in my life is why all my socks disappear. It seems that just about every time I am doing laundry, I lose a sock. I know that when I put all my clothes into the washing machine or dryer, both socks are there, for every pair. But, low and behold, I lose a sock each time. Throughout the years, I have come up with so many possible theories as to where they could have disappeared to. For example, a sock creature could be living in the machines, waiting for another cute sock to come along, to add to its collection. Or, maybe during the spin cycle, the washing machine opens up a vortex, sucking a sock into this magical place filled with only socks. Or, what if I have a stalker that is taking socks from me each time I do laundry? As ridiculous and crazy as that may sound, Dorman Hall has some sketchy kids that have creeped me out one to many times. I am not sure what to think of the disappearing socks, but I do know that my sock drawer has so many mismatched socks that I have almost given up all hope in ever wearing a matching pair of socks again.

    Also, I agree with Hannah– who let the dogs out?

  23. So on my door to my room I have a nickel super glued onto the wood right above the key hole. I have a few suspicions of who may have done it but I’m still unsure. It appeared last Saturday on the door and I’ve talked to a few people on the floor to try and find out who did it but so far I’ve made no progress on figuring out who did. So here is what I remember on Saturday I head off to go meet up with some friends and head out to a party. After the party at 3:40am I came back to my dorm to find the nickel on the door. At first I did not give it much attention but the next day when I tried to remove it, it would not come off. As of now I have made no progress on removing the nickel. This situation is now starting to get annoying just because its money for god sake and I’m pretty poor right now and I could probably use five cents for something or just start collecting spare change from around the campus but what a waste of a nickel.
    Palmer Harper

  24. Andrew Miller

    One of the biggest mysteries I have is of traditional debate: Is there a god, a higher being, or are we just here because of chance? Its probably a debate that will go unsolved in my lifetime, but it is still worth speculating. It began in my youth when I used to go to bible study after school everyday. Now, of course, I wasn’t tossing around such complex questions regarding our origin at that young of an age, but that was when the basis of it formed. I remember wondering whether what the preacher was saying was true, and if so, why? Because a book said so? That wasn’t and still is not good enough for me. If that were the case, then what makes the Bible any different than a fiction book like Harry Potter who implies it is real?
    Correspondingly, it beats me how people can devote so much of their life to something that has no proof to back it up. Every religion claims they are the ones who know the truth, but if they all swear by the same thing then who should be given credibility? To me, the answer is none until concrete evidence can be produced. Until then, the mystery of religion will remain one of my least favorite terms: faith-based.

  25. One mystery that stays in the back of my mind and I will never be able to solve happened during P.E. in 6th grade. The first year of middle school is hard especially with the 8th graders who think they are better than you cause they are older. I do not think anyone other than an 8th grader would do such a thing, as I’m about to explain. Sadly I have no proof. Before we went outside for the class period everyone used to change in the locker room and then throw their backpacks up on the top just to get it out of the way. Well when we all came back in to change for our next class, I noticed that my backpack was thrown down from the top of the locker. I didn’t think anything of it at first because it might of just fell. When I picked it up though, I was shocked to find that some kid, had the audacity, to take a leak onto my backpack. Not in the bathroom about twenty steps away. Right on my backpack, that I was supposed to put on my back and walk around the halls with. The embarrassment explaining to your teacher why you are walking into class dragging a backpack across the floor that smells like urine is unbearable and I can tell you that from experience. I got a new backpack after that but I will always be trying to find that kid who pissed on my backpack.

  26. One of the biggest mysteries I face every day is wondering what it would be like to see myself from another person’s perspective. I wonder what is must be like to see myself doing my daily routine from another persons eyes. The daily rush between classes, to pulling all-nighters and most times coming home at 4 am from the library. I wonder what my roommates really think about me when I walk into our room to sleep for 5 hours and leave in the morning before everyone. Maybe they thing I’m crazy, or maybe dedicated? I want to be able to analyze my actions and understand what goes through someone’s head when they look at me or talk to me. I feel as if there are so many peoples surrounding out daily routines that we never stop to think about who really cares for you, and who are the ones that envy you when you walk by. I also wonder what my parents truly think of me? Of course they motivate me in every way and provide me with a life driven for success; but what goes through their mind when I call them back home in Connecticut saying what I have been doing down here in Florida. After all, are they really proud of me? Or are they scared of what I can be doing wrong. What is we could all see ourselves from another persons perspective. Do you believe we would change our personalities in order to please others, or ignore their opinions and continue to be ourselves?

  27. I will always wonder who hit my car and decided to leave the scene two years ago. My parents had just bought me a brand new car about five months prior to someone most likely doing a K turn into the side of my car and leaving. It was a January afternoon when I was walking to the street where all the juniors, including me, parked on. Students can park on either side of the street so many K turns take place when pulling out. It was a normal day, I got out of class and was so relieved to be going home. I finally got to my car after avoiding all the afternoon high school chaos, and my good getting out of school mood was immediately gone. After hearing a loud squeak and pop as I opened the door i looked down and saw that half my bumper and the whole section over my tire was completely destroyed. I just stood in the middle of the road shocked. What was I going to tell my parents? And how could someone do this and just leave? I didn’t even know what to do I was so upset. I am 99% sure I will never know who did this because obviously this person has no respect for others. Although a car is just a material object, it was a reward from my parents, something I was am still am so thankful for. It was a very disheartening day and I stopped driving for a month after this. Although I can’t think of anything I did wrong, I hope i never have to face another mystery like this again.

  28. When I lived in California when I was 10 I had a New York Yankees wallet that I loved. I kept all my gift cards and money from birthdays in it and I would always know where it was. It made me feel older that I carried a wallet around because my parents always had theirs. I didn’t like spending my money because I would always want to be the one with the most money out of my friends and brothers. One day I couldn’t find the wallet. I know I left it on the counter in the kitchen next to the phone the day before. I asked everyone if they had seen it. I hoped my mom put it in my room when she was cleaning but I looked all over. I looked in every room in the house in case someone or I misplaced it. I never found it. It couldn’t have been my brothers because they would’ve given it back by now or I would’ve caught them spending extra money they didn’t have. The only person I could think of is one of the painters that had been at my house for a few days painting the kitchen and living room. I have no proof but I, still to this day, think it was one of them.

  29. Why did we end? What happened to the love we shared? We were in love and everything was perfect, how could that ever come to an end? We were together all the time; there was absolutely nothing that could separate us, not even my parents. We were inseparable. We made each other so happy. Every time we saw each other our smiles became uncontrollable. Every time we were with each other the rest of the world faded away and it was just us in that moment. Neither of us could explain the love we had for each other. We tried all the time, but there were no words to describe how we felt. We felt that it was unfair that it was unable to describe our love, but at the same time amazed that our love was too strong for words. There’s a song that goes, “Tell me have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts? Your lips keep trying to speak, but you just can’t find the words.” I cannot tell you how perfect those lyrics are…were. Maybe it was too good to be true, too good to last forever. Now as I look back on our time together and all of our wonderful memories it just does not make sense. How could something so strong and so real have ended so fast? That’s the new mystery. No longer do I search for words to describe our love, I search for an explanation to our end. There are no words. No explanation. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but that’s a lie. A horrible lie that tries to make the distance seem less painful. No matter how many times you repeat it, it doesn’t get better, it doesn’t get easier. The only thing that helps now is time. As time passes, our memories fade, our moment fades and the world becomes clear again. But I can’t make time move faster no matter how bad I want it to. It just seems to move slower and slower. So I have a new quote that I say to myself, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

  30. I am possibly, one of the most forgetful people ever. My friends always say that I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached. Growing up, I was always hesitant to get a new, nice phone because I knew I would either leave it somewhere or crack it. Everything from iPods to shoes–you name it I’ve lost it. You would think, as I have gotten older, I may have had a tighter grasp on things and started to remember my belongings as I mature, but it is just the opposite. This past summer, I was running some errands for my mom: going to the cleaners, picking up groceries for dinner, the whole nine yards. I got back to the house and didn’t realize that my wallet was missing. Hours had passed. My mom had cooked dinner. I had showered and begun my homework in my room when there is a knock on the door. A small old woman is there with my wallet, containing my debit card, insurance card, school ID and some cash. Nothing was removed, but since my license was with me she had contacted my dad through the number on the insurance card, gotten the address to my mom’s house and hand delivered it. I was not aware that she had stopped by because my mom answered the door, but I am more than grateful that this woman, of all people, picked up my wallet. I would have had to invest a lot of money to replace everything I could have lost that night. She is a saint.

  31. Timmy Corrigan

    I have a very bad memory. I come across so many people who ask me if I remember the time when something happened and I never know what they are talking about even if I was there. When this occurs I usually just say yeah and laugh but most of the time they expect me to have a comment about it so the conversation is a little awkward. This maybe because I tend to space out or it may be because I only remember things that I want to remember. Selective memory is what they call it, or at least what my mom calls it. My long-term memory is even worse. I have virtually no recollection of anything before I was 11. So my mission is to be a detective and try to find clues about my past. When I get home for thanksgiving the first thing I am going to do after talking to all my loved ones is to find my moms old picture book and sift through. Hopefully this will bring back the memories that have slipped my mind. It is a little frustrating at times when I cannot remember things that everyone remembers. I know that I had a good life before I was 11 and there are some things that I do remember but I still cannot remember specific event unless they were traumatic. With a little investigative effort I hope to refresh my memory and solve the mystery of my pre-eleven past.

  32. One of the mysteries I think about all the time is who killed Tupac Shukkar? No one ever found the murderer! Was it the illuminati? What happened was Tupac and a body guard were driving in his car one night in Los Angeles going out to party like Tupac frequently did.When all of a sudden the stop light turned red. Like any other safe driver they stopped. Everything was normal till Tupac realized an unusual looking car pulled up to the side of them and stopped. Seconds later shot were fired in tupacs direction hitting him several times in the ribs. The car shooting at Tupac immediately sped off after unloading on defenseless tupacs car. The police and investigators completely screwed up not only ways to catch the murderers but also messed up evidence to catch the perps. Was this a conspiracy? Illuminati? When all of these videos on the illuminati came out I watched every single video and thought about this for days. What if this is true? This is definitely the first mystery I think of.

  33. There is always one question that pops into my mind when thinking about life’s mysteries. I try not to keep wondering it, but wonder is inevitable. I always seem to be wondering why God put me here now. It seems like a clique question but I think it’s so essential to keep wondering so I can keep my focus on God’s plan for me. I know there’s not something I’m going to hear coming from the clouds announcing “Rebecca you are here to …”, but maybe realize more in the form of little reassurances along the way. I know that I’m here at FSU for a reason, go to Wesley for a reason, made Cimarron Independent Guard for a reason, the reason is just unknown. Maybe I’m here so I can make new relationships with all the wonderful people I meet, so they can impact me as I grow. Maybe I’m here because this is the best outlet for the major I’m working towards. Maybe I’m here because God created a family to welcome me to college at Wesley and wants me to be a part of it. Maybe I’m here to begin making a difference in the world, and this is where it will start. I may never know why God put me here now, but I wont give up on wondering why.

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