Journal Prompt 7: Visual Analysis in Miniature

I’d like you to use this week’s journal prompt as an occasion to hone your analytical skills. Find a visual text—a photograph, painting, poster, video clip, etc—and post the URL to the blog. Proceed to, in 200-300 words, give a brief analysis of the text for its visual rhetoric. Some aspects you could address: lighting, space, use of angles (or “point of view”), color, symbolic imagery, binaries (blank vs. blank), mood, etc. If you’re using a video clip, it should be no longer than 2-3 minutes—30 seconds would be long enough to give you material to write about.

Due Sunday, 10/16, by midnight.



28 thoughts on “Journal Prompt 7: Visual Analysis in Miniature

  1. Gossip Girl is quite an eventful show. This is portrayed very well in this picture by the lights surrounding the characters. This type of lights is typically seen in pictures of cities, implying the quick, constant movement of cars during the nighttime, when the head and taillights of the car would typically be seen. The lights in this picture symbolize the hectic lifestyle of the characters in fast-paced New York City. Intertwined with the lights are key words, such as wealthy, handsome, dangerous, sexy, sweet, insecure, and naive. These words describe each of the characters in a different way at some point throughout the course of the series. All of the characters are standing except for Chuck Bass, who is in an almost animal-like position on the ground. This is because in the show, Chuck is the sly character whom all of the other characters see as manipulative and self-concerned. He will do anything and everything in his power (which is a great amount of things, considering his family is filthy rich and he has connections to almost anyone you could think of) to get himself ahead. This survival-of-the-fittest mentality that Chuck lives by makes him seem almost like an animal, since any animal will do whatever it needs to survive, no matter what the cost to the other animals around it. The girl in the center (Serena) and Chuck are looking at the camera, implying that they are used to being in the spotlight and are confident (for the time being) with who they are. Blair, the girl in the red dress, is also looking into the camera, but from a different angle, almost as if she’s in the background. This is symbolic of Serena sort of taking over Blair’s spotlight when she returns to NYC in the very first episode.

  2. This video is trying to raise awareness about animal cruelty. The commercial shows clips of animals that were once abused and shows the after affects of it, and still images of dogs looking straight into the camera with sad puppy dog eyes. The creator of the video also used the song “In the Arms of an Angel,” by Sara McLachlan, which is a very slow and sad sounding song. Lines talking about abused animals were strategically placed between sad clips of injured animals. The creator if this video gave the commercial such a sad tone in hopes to evoke emotion out of the veiwer, in hopes that they would donate money to their foundation. This commercial would especially touch the hearts of animal lovers, though I think it would make just about anybody sad. By using sad music and heartbreaking pictures of helpless little animals, it instills a very sad emotional response to the viewer and makes them feel bad, increasing the liklihood of them to donate to the foundation. After watching the video, I would definitely donate to this foundation, which was the point of the commercial.

  3. This poster is for the series premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Since this is the first advertisement of the television show, no one really knows the background information of the show. The four girls are all looking into a hole. They have worried expressions on their faces. This comes off as weird because they are all dressed in black with their hair blowing in the wind, but the sky is very blue and does not have the same feeling as the people in the image. They look as if they had just been running or are very nervous. There are cloud in the sky that could very well be moving in as a sign of a coming “storm”. Of course the storm does not mean a literal storm, but that something bad is going to happen within the series. No one really knows what is in the hole, but it seems like it is a grave. The walls of the hole are very clean. There could be someone in the grave or something. Knowing the background of the show it is very hard to judge what is happening in the show without giving away the details.


    This picture is a depiction of the struggles some fish encounter each and everyday. Living in the ocean with one of the worlds largest predators is quite a struggle. A fish can’t sleep with both eyes closed it has to watch out every second of the day. Not to mention the fishing hook in front of its mouth. Fish really are always being hunted down by something. Humans, sharks, sometimes even bigger fish. At the bottom of the picture it shows in big bold letters “AMBITION”. It really describes a fish’s life under the sea as it needs the ambition to stay alive. I also see not only dark waters above both the shark and fish but also the lighter color below. It shows me that there is still hope for the little fish to have that ambition to escape all predators to survive another night. Dark color usually means something bad is happening or may happen but lighter colors mean hope and happiness. Also the picture depicts a smaller type of fish being attacked by one of the largest sharks in the ocean. It shows me how the shark has pure dominance over the small, wimpy fish. As it could have been a larger sword fish and a small lemon shark that dominance would not have been shown.

  5. The Walking Dead- Season 1
    First thing I notice in the poster is a man on a horse riding into the city. Why is he going in the opposite direction of all the cars? Then I notice, on the left side of the road, cars after cars. There is a huge traffic jam coming from the city. This could be due to some natural disaster or government issued evacuation. The man’s horse could be a symbol for a lack of technology. Because of the city shut down, a horse could prove to be the most reliable source of travel. The man is also carrying riffles. Maybe weapons are needed in the city to protect him from the disaster in the city. Since the man is the only man shown on the poster, he is likely to be the main character of the show. The buildings that are visible in the poster are old and abandoned. Clearly no one has been entering the city for a while. Then, I notice the colors of the poster. It is very dark and gray. There are no colors that pop out of the poster. It makes the scene very dreary, cold, and dirty. The title of the show, “Walking Dead” is written in bold. Does “Walking Dead” describe the epidemic the man is protecting himself from?


    The Dark Knight poster is very dark and quite menacing. The Joker is pictured front and center but what is especially interesting is that he is tilted at an angle. The whole picture is actually at a slight angle. This could be just to add effect because an upright picture would be too mainstream and the creators wanted to be different. Or, it could be a reflection of the Joker’s personality and how he is not like everyone else. He is definitely unique and this could be a way of showing that. The Joker’s left hand is clinched very tightly and in such a way as to show immense anger toward something. In his right hand he holds what appears to be a gun or saw of some sort. His expression makes it seem he could be focusing on another target and victim to attack. He does not care about the broken glass and sparks flying all around him, he appears to have a goal and will not stop until he achieves it.
    The lighting is unique in that it gets darker the lower you look on the poster. This could mean darkness has come upon the city portrayed in the background and Batman must lift this darkness. The shot is taken from knee level; this makes the Joker appear much larger than he actually is. It could be this way in order to strike more fear into audiences making the villain seem bigger than in reality.

  7. (Up to 00:37)
    This is a clip from BBC One’s dramatic series Sherlock.
    Moriarty (played by Andrew Scott) tells Sherlock (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) that he won’t kill him (now), but rather will “burn” him. Burning is one of the slowest and most painful ways to die – it doesn’t go away all at once. It is singed from you, bit by bit, and you feel all of it. It could be that Moriarty is telling Sherlock that rather than make his murder quick, he will take away everything he loves and all that he is, little by little, away from him. Moriarty is telling Sherlock that, even for him (Sherlock), it will be the most painful thing he (Sherlock) will ever experience.
    Sherlock and Moriarty are standing face to face, with John Watson (played by Martin Freeman) standing mostly out of the frame as Moriarty’s “hostage” of sorts. Both are well dressed, and are rather stiff; Sherlock is pointing a gun at Moriarty’s face, with his finger on the trigger. Needless to say, things between Sherlock and Moriarty are tense – extremely, extremely tense.
    The setting of this scene is an indoor pool at night when the pool is (presumably) closed. It’s dark, and there are a lot of cold colors – pale blues, sickly whites, and dull grays. Moriarty has more shadows reflected upon his face than Sherlock, although they are almost the same distance from a source of light.This shows that Moriarty is dark as a person – this is almost like his job. It could also be that, since Sherlock also has shadowy areas on his face, that Moriarty is depicted as almost a part of him. Was Moriarty real, or a part of Sherlock’s imagination?
    This show is awesome and is only six episodes long (two seasons with three 1.5hr episodes each). I highly recommend it!
    -Becky B.


    In this picture of the Lion King each characters facial expression represents their personality. Simba is trying to be like his father, Mufasa, and be brave and strong to lead the animals that live at the rock. Rafiki is smiling at the sky showing that he is wise and always happy. In the sky Mufasa’s face is serious showing that he took being king very serious. Timon and Pumbaa look goofy in the picture showing that they are funny and naïve of the real problems in the story. The animals in the lower half of the picture are all looking back at the light part of the sky showing that they want the good days under Mufasa rule to ruturn which does when Simba returns. In the sky where Mufasa’s face is, the lighting is split between dark and light. This represents the story from going from a dark time when Mufasa dies (his face is on the dark side) and Scar taking over. Under Scars rule in the movie everything because dark and lifeless. The light represents when Simba returns and becomes king. At that point of the movie Simba gains power and brings all the animals back their happiness just like when his father was in power.

  9. Parenthood is one of NBC’s hits and a “hit” is an understatement for this show. It is about the Braverman family growing up, experiencing hardships, and loving each other unconditionally. It is very real and relate able to that of a regular family that uses each other as support, love, and well being. The Braverman family seems to get bigger and bigger with each season to add to the love they have for one anther and more to come. As you can see on this poster, the entire family is on this bounce house and believe or not, each position they are in describes their relationship and position from the family. Zeek and Camille are the foundation of the Braverman clan and they are on the far right side standing stably and holding each other as everyone is bouncing around them. This represents that they are truly the foundation of this family; they are the rock/ glue that holds everyone together. Kristina Braverman( the one in the gold sweater) is the one holding her autistic son Max. Kristina holding him as he looks a bit out of control symbolizes how her life is a daily challenge with her autistic son, but she is making it work with her loving husband Adam Braverman. As you can see from the show poster, the family is crazy yet they all live perfectly under this chaotic Braverman “bouncy house” that they call home.

  10. Andrew Miller

    Two perspectives, positive and negative, can be taken from the cover art of Drake’s new album, Nothing Was the Same. As for the positive perspective, the background image is a cloudy blue sky, which plays on the fact that his life is a breeze now that he is a rich and famous rapper. This is where the phrase, “Nothing Was the Same” comes into play, as his life has grown to the point where everything is new to him. This recurring theme is a continuation from his previous album, Take Care, where he quotes the song Crew Love with the line, “And really, I think I like who I’m becoming.”
    His present image is also wearing a gold chain, which further reinforces the notion that he is doing well for himself from a monetary standpoint.
    As for the negative perspective, attention should be paid to the image of himself as a child looking at the image of himself in the present. The younger Drake has a curious look on his face looking directly at the older one, who has a somewhat worried expression. This also highlights the theme of “nothing being the same”, although in a different way, as Drake progresses further in life and loses familiarity with what he once knew well (i.e. friends, family, civilian life).

  11. Lost is one of the most successful television series to ever hit the air. The show is centered around a plane crashing on an “undiscovered” island (as depicted by the picture in the link above.) Jack, the series main character, is is wearing a dress shirt and tie in the picture, and is featured right at the front. He is alive throughout the entire show and a key part of each episode and the series in general. His attire shows that before the plane crash, he was a white collar worker, a doctor in fact, making plenty of money. But does that automatically make him “happy?” Alongside Jack is Kate. Kate is also alive throughout the length of the series and she also is a very important character. Because they are so close in the photo, it is safe to assume that they engage in a romantic relationship at some point in the show. Charlie, to Jack’s left, is standing with his arms folded and a straight face. He really does not care much about the entire situation at first, but that goes on to change after he falls in love with Claire, the blond chick all the way to the back right in the black dress. Hugo, the obese man standing on a part of the plane towards the center, would lead many to think he wouldn’t last long on a deserted island with scarce food. He goes on to prove these doubters extremely wrong. John Locke, the bald man to his left, looks very relaxed and certainly not worried. This captures his personality on the show perfectly, he is actually happy to be on the island. Michael, his son (the two African Americans) play a relatively minor role in the show and die pretty early on, but are still important enough to be present in the picture. Jin and Sun, the asian couple, are very important figures and Jin actually ends up learning the english language from the help of his wife on the island during the course of the show. Their deaths later on in the series are devastating, but the fact that they died in each others arms (so to speak) very late in the series symbolizes their eternal love for each other even through great odds. Boone and his sister, also in the back are unimportant and to be honest I’m a little puzzled as to why they are even included in the picture. Sayid, the middle eastern man, was a torturer for the republic before crashing on the island. His appearance there is looked upon as a sort of “second chance.” Finally there is James, also known as “Sawyer.” Sawyer is the long, blond haired, muscular man behind and to the right of Kate. He can be viewed as the enforcer throughout the show, and certainly the “tough guy who could care less,” but there is deeper meaning behind his role throughout the show.

    Louie Copley

  12. This clip is from the opening scene of the first season of the HBO series “The Newsroom”. I came across this video when one of my friends on facebook shared it. I have never seen an episode of the show, but this clip was so interesting to me that i might start watching the rest tonight. Will (who plays a news anchor in the show) responds to a question he is asked while visiting some university. Most everyone would respond to the question he gets the same way. They would talk about how great America is and how we ARE the best country in the world. But Will explains why America is NOT the greatest country in the world. He takes an opposing stand from the rest of the people in the room and he has the facts to back his opinion up.

    I’m going to post another blog entry because i’m still not sure which topic ill do my paper on, i’m having trouble deciding.


    This is a cartoon showing the relationship between Hank Aaron, Roger Clemons, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire. The thing these 5 men have in common is that they all played at the highest level of baseball and became superstars. They had dream careers. The only thing that separates Hank Aaron from the rest of the pack is that he did it without steroids. The cartoon makes A-Rod and the rest of the “steroid-players” look like small figures that the viewer wouldn’t be too impressed with when looking at this image. But the artist drew Hank Aaron in such a way that he looks statuesque. The words in the cartoon are simple, “How come when WE take steroids, HE gets bigger?…” This is being said by the steroid players as they gaze up at Hank Aaron. This cartoon shows the relationship between the hard way and the easy way, and also the right way and the wrong way to accomplish a goal that takes a lifetime of dedication to reach, but can be thrown away in an instant.

  14. The Great Gatsby is a movie that shows a lot of carelessness and unforgettable bonds between people. In the poster, the two main characters are portrayed so beautifully yet they aren’t smiling. The background seems so peaceful but there is still an intensity going on between the two people. The light is focused on them. Gatsby seems to be looking far into the future and his green eyes are just unavoidable. He seems to be frowning and that may foreshadow something. Daisy on the other hand is facing backward but her face is turned around so we can see her despair and unhappiness. She seems to be looking back into the past about something she and Gatsby shared. On the other side, Gatsby is looking forward and he seems determined to be with her in the possible future. They are holding hands but that ring on her hand can mean much more. The ring is brighter than it should be and it is so distinct that is impossible to miss out. It can mean that she is in two different places, one that she and Gatsby shared and the other is her marriage with another man. That explains why she is “looking back” because she may be trying to escape the reality. The Great Gatsby is an intense movie and this poster illustrate their feelings perfectly.

    Michelle Wu

  15. This is a poster for the movie Warrior. The poster is in black and white showing both main characters staring into the camera. The lighting comes from the right and from the left of the picture; the area in middle of the picture is dark. The darkness in the middle represents the issues both characters have. The story of two National Fighters that are brothers. Both Tommy and Brendan lost their mother during their youth and had an abusive father they ran away from. They absolutely hate each other and refuse to accept they are brothers because when young Tommy decided to stay with his mother and Brendan stayed with his father, therefore they were separated for years. Brendan, the brother on the right of the poster, has light shining on him from the right side. He is also a teacher and a great fighter on the side; this shows both sides of his personality. Tommy Riordan an ex-marine also has both a dark and light side; he is a fighter but has the ability for forgive his father to an extent. Both Mixed Martial Arts Fighters have no shirt showing their strength, their facial expressions are very serious and tense, which portrays a fighter perfectly. Tommy has tattoos on his body, maybe the tattoos have deeper meaning but it can show how todays “fighters” all have tattoos and he does also. The poster hides the specific details of the movie but keeps the audience wondering what is the good and bad side of both main characters.

  16. This picture advertises the show One Tree Hill. The picture is nothing more than the main characters standing in a room but the details reveal much more. On the far right Nathan and Haley are standing very close to each other holding hands. This clues to a viewer that they are a couple. They are in fact married and madly in love in the show. Nathan’s posture is very stiff and he’s sitting really tall. This shows his serious attitude and his focus that he portrays in the show. To the left of them Lucas and Peyton are also sitting together because they too are in love. Lucas is placed between Brooke and Peyton to show the conflict he had in choosing which one he loved. Brooke is standing in the middle with no guy touching her. This represents her fully independent attitude throughout the series. She also is dressed in a bright red shirt while everyone else is wearing more dull, neutral colors. This represents Brooke’s desire to always be the center of attention. Mouth and Skills are also in the picture but positioned slightly farther back than the others. This shows that those characters are not necessarily considered main characters but are still important to the plot and to their friends.


    The movie poster for the “Breakfast Club” perfectly represents what the movie is about and how each of the kids is different, and come from different backgrounds. The first thing that is noticed is the background of the poster is white. This is done to focus your attention on the kids posing in the center. With a plain white background, nothing distracts or takes away from the only thing that is important, the kids. As most people know, the breakfast club was named after a detention on a Saturday morning. Starting with Claire laying across the floor on the bottom, we see that she looks bored and as if she does not want to be there. We can tell from her pink shirt, watch, and stylish hair-do that she is probably in the popular crowd and does not associate with the other kids in detention. To the left is the other girl Allison who is playing with her hands and has her hair down in her face. The clothes she is wearing are dark which makes her look quiet and as if she is an outcast. To the right is Brian Johnson. Centered in the picture, much of the focus goes to him and his stare at the camera, which shows how he is a little depressed. By crossing his arms, it resembles himself getting shut out by most other people and we see how Brian does not fit into other people’s cliques as well. Again to the right, is Andrew Clark the smart, athletic jock that is destined to win states in wrestling. In the picture he is in his letterman jacket showing his importance in sports. Finally is John Bender in the back holding up his fist. John does not want to fit in with anyone else and likes being on his own. The gloves on his hands represent his toughness and how he is not scared to use them. Despite their differences in the picture all the kids are squished together basically touching which goes along with the sentence up above saying they are not as different as they think.


    This is a movie poster for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues staring Will Ferrell. The poster depicts the lower portion of a man’s face, as well as the uppermost part of his clothing. His skin has no blemishes, scratches, or marks and the lips of the man seem to have no emotion or color on them. In essence, the picture is primarily trying to focus the man’s full, brown, thick, and luscious mustache. But not just any mustache, it’s Ron Burgundy’s mustache– the mustache he was famous for. The slogan for the poster is “It’s Kind of a Big Deal”, quoting a memorable line from the first Anchorman movie. The point of this slogan is to say that the mustache (and its owner) are kind of a big deal. Which, in the mind of Ron Burgundy, he and his mustache are. The way that Ron dresses and keeps his face well groomed suggests that he tries to “stay classy”, like he continuously told his news audience in San Diego to do. The fact that his suit is red indicates that he and his newscaster friends are still sporting the 1970’s fad of colorful suits and highly patterned ties. The point the poster is to trying to make is that the Ron Burgundy is back and ready for more.


    This is a movie poster for the movie “The Hunger Games” which is about a future world where they select two children from each district to fight in an annual game that is televised for everyone to view. The poster is a close up on Katniss’ face because she is the main character of the whole movie and the hero everyone rallies behind in the end. The cuts on her cheek and forehead represent what she went through in the arena in her near death situation. Even though she came out alive in the end she doesn’t just walk out without putting up a fight for the other tributes who also need to kill to get out of the game still breathing. The look on her face shows how dangerous and how truly emotional the hunger games are. She looks intimidating but not in a good way which shows that she does not want to partake in this murder game but she is not going to lose either. The poster is dark everywhere besides her face because the hunger games were a terrible event created by the corrupted government of the Capitol which sacrificed children’s lives for pure entertainment. It also symbolizes the dark lives that the people of the districts lived, separated by everyone else suffering in run down places when the people of the Capitol live lives of luxury.
    Lauren Anthony

    The minimalism movie poster for Inception represents the complication, chaos, and urgency of the movie. The dark blue and black colors used not only represent the dreams and sleeping that take place but also they portray the mystery of all the secrets that are kept and all the secrecy of the mission. Also the darkness shows the corruption of Cobb’s dreams and the corruption the team is stirring into Robert Fischer’s dreams. All the silhouette in the picture are attached by string to the main title showing how they were all attached tot eh same sedation device to sleep. It also represents the different levels of sleep and how they are all connected. It’s erie because it looks like if they remove that attachment they will be lost. The silhouette are running and moving through the parts of a hand gun showing the evil nature of their mission. the movement of the silhouette shows urgency that they can’t stop moving implying they are running out of time. My eyes immediately go the silhouette at the bottom that is completely upside and is showing action in his pose. it shows the intensity, seriousness and even more urgency in the way he is just standing there while everyone around him is moving chaotically. It gives off a since of hopelessness, like the silhouette is saying no matter what we do nothing is going to completely work out. He’s not moving because he gave up hope on working toward a resolution, he’s just waiting to see the outcome of all the madness.

  21. Timmy Corrigan

    In the “circle of life” excerpt from The Lion King there are a lot of visual devices that are used by the director of the movie. One device that is used is the lighting, which is used from the very beginning when the sun rises. This is a commonly used symbol for rebirth and new beginnings. The animals all react to the sun in a positive manor as they all look up towards the sun when the rays reach their face. Another device that the author uses to convey the theme of new beginnings is the fact that a lot of the animals seem to have small off spring with them. For example, the giraffe during the middle of the clip has her baby with it showing that life continues to flow. Another device that is used by the director of the movie is each group of animals if very large showing that they are strong and powerful. A small amount of predators would be unable to take down that large of animal herds, which shows that life will never end and that there will always be more animals to take the place of the one that do not make it. Another instance were lighting was used was when Rafiky, the baboon, at the end of the video holds up Simba to the various animal groups and the light shines directly on him. This shows that something is special about Simba. Another interesting thing is that Rafiky seems to baptize Simba in a way by putting coconut milk on his four head. The director uses a lot of devices to emphasize the theme of rebirth and the power of the animal kingdom.

  22. On occasions, when certain people look at themselves all they see are imperfections. Their nose is too big, they have too many freckles or their arms aren’t defined enough. The world can be a very judgmental place and judging oneself can be very harmful. The Barbie doll has been around and beloved for years but many categorize her and Ken as the perfect human beings. They are both considered beautiful by the way they look. But in all seriousness perfection does not exist, especially if one just has a beautiful face. Everyone has aspects about them that are better than others but that doesn’t mean they have to look like Barbie to find beauty. This photo represents what is wrong in the world. Beauty comes from within and people interpret attractiveness in their own ways. People can try to change what they look like but that won’t necessarily make them feel better about themselves. I don’t think this girl feels any better about herself by sticking Barbie’s image on her face. She is simply comparing herself to a fictional character that isn’t real. She is also in a secluded area, which points out that she has alienated herself from other people due to a possible low self-esteem. She is dressed very average as well to make the image of Barbie stick out even more.

  23. In this photo, the cast of Gossip Girl is laying down in only wearing their bras and underwear. It is a very seductive and revealing photograph, and it may have people that have never watched the show question it’s reasoning. If anyone who has seen only a few episodes of Gossip Girl, they know that the show is filled with scandalous relationships with glamorous teens that spend their inheritance on lavish parties and expensive designer clothing. In this picture advertising the show, the lack of clothing is symbolizing the relationships that have been going on with one another. Throughout the show, there are many romantic relationships that lead to sex and betrayal. In the way their bodies are positioned and how they are wearing little to no clothing, it is representing their scandalous love lives that they all share. None of the characters are smiling or showing any emotion, really. This is representing that none of the people in this photo are happy. Even though they have all the money in the world, they can’t seem to find happiness. Also, the only color in this picture is white. This is showing innocence in the characters, which is ironic because this innocence does not exist in any of them.


    This is a poster from the movie Star Wars. One can see dozens of space ships, robots, and a mechanical star implying the setting is in the future or out of this world. Ones main attention is drawn to the the boy and girl in the middle of the world. They are dressed in all white robes which parallels purity or good. With all good comes evil, which is shown with the giant Black head in the background. Notice how large the “evil” head is in comparison to the rest of the objects. This means that their is a great evil in this world, possibly dominating it. The boy and girl have their weapons drawn looking prepared to fight. Whom they are fighting is most likely the evil that is behind them. It is dark in the world and the sword like weapon the boy is grasping lights up everything around it. The two robots seemed to be taken back from this light, as if it is radiating power or hope. Therefore, the boy is the main vessel to lead the fight against evil.

    Zachary Anders

  25. This is a poster for the TV show “The Walking Dead.” There is a man on a horse in the middle of the street. There are no cars on the side with the man on the horse. The other side is full of cars. The side with the cars is the side that is leaving the major city in the background. The side with no cars is the side that would be entering the city. There must have been a catastrophe that caused many people to try to leave the city and there are no cars trying to get into the city. The cars on the left side look like they’ve been abandoned for a while. The man on the horse has a gun strapped to his back most likely for protection from whatever is in the city he’s about to enter. The sky is cloudy over the city but there is a little light breaking through. The light might represent that there is a little hope to fix whatever is happening in the city and the man on the horse could be a savior of some sort. The setting in general looks like there was a zombie apocalypse because it looks similar to other zombie movies such as “I Am Legend” and “World War Z.” I know the show is about a zombie apocalypse but I’ve never seen it.

  26. This is a poster for the movie Avatar. Avatar came out in 2009 and won many movie awards. This poster shows the basic premise of the story. It shows the multiple moons in the back ground which shows that the movie is set on a different planet. Also the poster is full of examples of adventure and science fiction with the dragon looking things and the floating mountains. The poster shows the female alien as taller or above the main character Jake Sully. Neytiri looks mystical with the glowing dots on face, this adds to the essence of wonder and mysticism. It is very clear that the main color of the film in blue because of the blue hue in the poster and the fact that many characters are blue. Even the letters are in blue that spell Avatar. To me blue represents technology and the future. Avatar was set in the near future when humans have much greater technology than present day. The color builds interest in the fans of science fiction. Also in the poster, is the main character Jake Sully who looks confused and unacquainted with Neytiri and his surroundings. The moon in the poster is portrayed as almost half the sky. This shows that the story takes place very far away. Avatar is one of the greatest movies of all time and this poster gives a small preview and all of the main images of the film.

  27. This poster is advertising for the movie “Pain and Gain.” At first glance it looks like it would be a serious movie. Both Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson have very stern glances and look very tough. They are both wearing tank tops to show off their massive muscles. Dwayne Johnson’s tank top has the symbol for the gym called “Sun Gym,” which is where they both work. It is clear to tell that this movie is not just about two strong men who become successful by working at a gym. Dwayne’s hand is in a fist and it looks like he is ready to beat somebody senseless. At the bottom of the poster it reads, “Their American Dream is bigger than yours.” This implies that they will do anything to achieve their dream. They won’t let anything or anyone stand in their way. The poster also reads, “This is a true story.” This makes people think that these two men did something really insane and unbelievable. And this is true, but it is insane and unbelievable for completely different reasons. This poster is actually very satirical. These two meatheads are are so stupid that “This is a true story” needs to be written on the poster so people know that it seriously happened. It is also poking at America by having the flag in the background and mentioning the American Dream. People think you can get whatever you want in America and do whatever you want. These two men do not understand what the American Dream means.

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