Journal Prompt Week 6: Lost or Stolen

ImageToday I passed one of those telephone pole posters for a missing dog in Tallahassee. It made me think of the things of mine that have been lost or stolen over the years: a phone, an iPod, various cherished books, a couple nice jackets, a high school crush’s phone number, a watch, my dead uncle’s crucifix chain, a hundred umbrellas.

Each of these items meant something to me beyond its monetary value or functional purpose. The phone represented the friends I’d accumulated in high school, the iPod stood for my taste in music. Losing my crush’s phone number was appropriate because, in many ways, I’d already lost her. And losing my uncle’s chain hurt because I’d already lost him a few years earlier to colon cancer.

For this journal entry, I would like you to think of an object, or a person, you have lost. Write your entry as though you were writing a poster for your missing thing. Describe it (or them) in a way that makes it clear to the reader why it is important to you. Tell us what to do if we should find this thing (or person), or perhaps give a message to whoever stole it.

200-300 words. Due Sunday, 10/6, at midnight.


30 thoughts on “Journal Prompt Week 6: Lost or Stolen

  1. Missing: silver heart ring
    Characteristics: silver, size 7, giant heart cubic zirconium stone surrounded by smaller circular cubic zirconium stones

    This isn’t just any ring, it was a ring given to me by my mother on my thirteenth birthday. I’ve accumulated and lost many different kinds of jewelry in my lifetime and this ring is definitely the most important and special to me. It’s not a high end ring or even very flashy, but its sentimental value is the part that matters to me. The weeks leading up to my birthday were filled with hype from my mother, she was so excited to give me my gift and wouldn’t let me forget it. She told me in advance that this was going to be a special present that she looked long and hard for, and that only increased the anticipation. My thirteenth birthday came, January 6th, and my excitement was at an all time high. She presented the gift in a large bag and I had to reach to the bottom to retrieve the small box. Once I opened it, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wore it everyday and showed it off to all my friends, it represented the beginning of my teenager years and my mother’s love and pride for me. Unfortunately I recently lost it with my move to FSU, and if it’s found please contact Christie at 000-000-0000, there is a reward.

    -Christie Gleason

  2. Renee Lemire
    Read all about it.
    Please look here.
    I have lost my Onyx ring. It has a gold band and gold wrapped around the Onyx stone. This is not just a regular ring. This was given to me as a concrete symbol of the womanhood in my family. Each female has one and each of them look different representing our different characteristics that join us as one strong unit of women. I lost it about two years ago and I will admit, I was not very responsible back then and did not fully appreciate family as much as I do now. I have just started the need to try and find it. Maybe when I realized I lost it, I did not try hard to seek it because I did not feel worthy of being a part of those women in such a way because they are so much more wholesome and stronger than I am. I am starting to come to a place where I can see myself as becoming the strong, God loving woman I have always wanted to be deep in my heart. That’s why I am persevering more to find this Onyx ring and I would genuinely appreciate it if that if you have seen it, please let me know. I will never lose that ring again.

  3. Missing: First Baptist Academy High School Letterman Jacket
    Description: Maroon with grey sleeves. Eleven chevrons are on the left arm and the year 2013 on the right arm. My name, Kyle Radcliffe, is also stitched above the heart.

    This jacket is not just any old hoodie that someone would throw on and wear to class. This is my high school letterman jacket. Something I wore with immense pride and respect. It represents all the hours of hard work and blood, sweat, and tears I poured into my high school athletics. This is something I want to show my kids when I am older so I can tell them stories about my past. This jacket reminds me of the lifelong friends I made at my school, and makes me tear up just thinking about them. We went through so much and this jacket helps me remember those times. This is something I take pride in and I definitely want it back. Whoever stole it probably thinks they got a warm jacket, but to me it is so much more. I can get any coat to keep me warm, but this is my past. This jacket represents who I am and where I came from. In a sense a part of me was stolen with this jacket and I ask that if you see something resembling this you contact me at 555-555-5555.

  4. Item Missing: Calculator
    Characteristics: Its front cover is gray with some writing on it. Back cover has a dark blue color. It is pretty thin and it is a really simple CASIO calculator.

    It may be just a simple CASIO calculator that I bought from Wal-Mart, but my life depends on it right now. Chemistry is not an easy subject as we all know and I desperately need my calculator back so I can get some problems done. The thing is, I cannot possibly go to Wal-Mart and get a new one because I don’t have transportation off FSU campus. This calculator has been with me through all my tough years learning Algebra, Pre-calculus, and Calculus AB in High School. I even named it “Fortune” because this magic calculator provides so many lucky numbers for me. I cannot tolerate using any other calculators because Fortune is the only one that I’m used to and it is the only one for me. So please, if anyone sees it, don’t hesitate to contact me at 100-000-0000. If any kind-hearted person is willing to return my precious Fortune back to me, I will reward them. Thank you for your consideration.

  5. I constantly loose and misplace things but a necklace is an object I wish to find as soon as possible. I have lost my grandmother’s necklace that she given me when I was eight years old. I received it as a gift after receiving my first communion. It is a silver necklace of medium length with a cross and heart medallion that includes the initials L W inside. This necklace has sentimental value to me because it is one of the few objects I have kept that my grandmother gave to me before she passed away. I wore the necklace daily because it reminded me of her. The only time I would ever take the necklace off was when I would either swim or take a shower, to make sure it would not rust. So one day while swimming with some friends, I wrapped my necklace in a towel and put it by the side of the pool. I forgot to take out the necklace when I used my towel to dry off so my necklace remained on the pool deck. If someone has seen my necklace or has picked it up please call 555-001-0002. There will be a reward given to the one who finds it for me.

  6. Missing: Gameboy SP w/ Pokemon Fire Red inserted

    Descriptions: Gameboy- silver, beat up, fully charged battery
    Pokemon Game- Red, inserted in back of gameboy, features a picture of Charizard on the cover

    Although the gameboy was worth about one hundred and fifty dollars more than the actual game inside of it, I was much more worried about my Pokemon Fire Red version. This game not only depicted a form of entertainment mostly utilized during road trips, to me it was much more than that. To me, Pokemon Fire Red represented over one hundred logged hours of gameplay. That’s over four days worth of non-stop gameplay invested into one game! I had grown to love the Pokemon that I caught and raised in this game, they were my friends as I would always tell my Mom. With gameboy games if you lose the cartridge, you lose all of your progress. In other words, there is no possible way to back up the saved file incase you break or misplace the game. But I didn’t lose or break my game or gameboy. It was stolen right out of my hand at the Philadelphia airport. My family and I were returning home from Disney World, which was probably one of the best weeks of my entire life. I was about eleven years old and carrying around my gameboy case which carried my gameboy. As I said earlier my Pokemon Fire Red game was already inserted in my gameboy because I had been playing it on the two hour plane ride. Anyways, after our flight landed, my Dad went to baggage claim while he instructed my Mom, two little sisters, and I to wait outside for the cab. As we were waiting, I held my gameboy case dangling in my left hand. Before I even could turn my head around, it had been stolen by a much older gentleman, possibly homeless. This man was wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, and that’s all I remember of him. My Mom didn’t run after him, so i started to. She immediately smacked my chest and stopped me right in my tracks and said, “what the hell is the matter with you!” She then proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t my fault it was taken and these things, unfortunately, happen. She then told me why it was such a stupid idea for me to run after the man and reclaim what was mine. I never saw it again and I lost many many friends that day for I was only twelve Pokemon short of catching them all. I guess this advertisement is to inform people who see a man about forty-fifty years of age in Philadelphia, probably wearing a blue hooded sweat shirt to tell me his whereabouts.

    Louie Copley

  7. Missing! Blue Samsung Flip-phone.
    The phone is a blue Samsung flip-phone. It was last seen in the gym locker room at Riverview High school in December, 2009. The phone had great sentimental value to me because it was the second phone I have ever had. The phone was securely zipped inside of my back pack which was stored safely within my locker which had a master lock on it. When I returned from my gym class to my locker, the lock was cut with bolt cutters along with some of the other students’ lockers. I frantically checked all of the pockets of my backpack for the phone but it was nowhere to be found. To this day the culprit is still on the loose. From then on I have always kept my backpack with my phone with me while I attend the gym class. The next week I purchased an iPhone 3g from Walmart. So to the thief I say thank you for stealing my crappy old phone. However, stealing is still wrong and I would like to see the thief persecuted. If anyone sees my blue Samsung flip-phone please contact me at school during my office hours. If anyone has any information please tell me. That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  8. Missing!
    Gold heart ring with initials “s&b” engraved on front.

    My favorite ring is gone forever. This little gold ring is so important to me in so many ways. It was given to me for Valentines day by the first boy I’ve ever loved. He had gone to the jewelry store and picked out this special ring just for me, and even got our first initials “s&b” engraved on it. This ring was so special to me because it wasn’t just a ring, it symbolized our love for eachother. It was basically a promise ring. Well, one day my boyfriend and I were having an argument, which is pretty normal for people in relationships. Me, being the hot headed and slightly dramatic person that I am, took the ring right off of my finger, walked over to his window and threw it out. Once I had realized what I’d done, I immediately started crying. Shawn didn’t speak to me for a whole week after I did that, which just made everything worse. Eventually we both got over the fact that I threw his gift to me away, but I always find myself looking down at my finger and expecting to see my favorite dainty little gold ring. If you are ever looking around in the woods of my boyfriends backyard and find a little gold ring, Please return it!

  9. Missing: Swim equipment bag
    Description: Black bag with equipment such as paddles, fingertip paddles, fins, zoomers, band, and pull buoy.
    Last seen: YMCA of Boynton Beach
    This equipment bag may seem like it has just random stuff that every swimmer has and might have been stolen due to the person thinking the things could always be replaced but they cannot. Through my years of swimming I always borrowed equipment until my freshman year of high school when my new swim coach at the time felt that I had my own equipment. My parent went out and bought me everything needed and I was so happy because I finally had my own things. As the years went by I would trade equipment with my friends or my coach would buy me things like the fingertip paddles which were my favorite. Everything in that bag had many memories to it. Each one having some good and some bad. Even if the whole bag is not returned, I would love just to have the fingertip paddles back. That was the last piece of equipment that my coach gave me before he move and became the assistant swim coach at the University of Auburn in Alabama.
    If you do find my bad or my finger tip paddles please call me at 123-456-7890.
    Thank You,
    Samantha Caufield

  10. Missing:Black Boots

    Description: Approximately mid-calf/knee length boots, suede, with a fold-over top. Kind of look like something that Peter Pan would wear….or maybe a pirate.

    These boots probably look normal to you. In fact, you’ve probably seen them on so many girls that you wouldn’t be able to find my specific pair even if you tried. However, these are more than just boots. They were the first thing I bought with my first ever paycheck. It felt great to finally go out and spend my own hard-earned money instead of asking my parents to buy me things that they most likely wouldn’t have bought me anyway. It was my money, and my say in what I bought was the only thing that mattered. I was getting those boots, and nobody could stop me. I wore them many times in the winters and autumns up in Pennsylvania, and when it came time to pack for college, they were nowhere to be found. This broke my heart, because along with the significance of being my first purchase with my first paycheck, they were super cute and went with almost any outfit. I called friends, asking them to check their basements and bedrooms and the boots were nowhere to be found. The last time I saw them was around the end of March, 2013. If anybody were to find these boots, they’d be my hero. I miss them, and hey, who knows. I may even throw in a reward for you.

  11. Help!
    My dog as gone missing!
    Description: Light and dark brown fur with an American flag collar, about 35 pounds, golden eyes, pointed ears
    This dog is not only special to me but I miss him very much. You see, he was there every single day patiently waiting to greet me with puppy hugs and kisses when I got home from school. He could run around all day long playing with my siblings and me in the backyard chasing toys that we tossed across the yard and always winning at tug-o-war. He would bolt towards the door in an attempt to escape and run wild in the neighborhood experiencing it all, that is until we caught up to him. This dog was always there when you needed someone to snuggle up with when the days got tough. He also made a great vacuum, believe it or not, cleaning up every smidge of food that was dropped on the floor. He died last summer at thirteen years old and I still anticipate him being right at the front door when I open it. Yet, he’s never there anymore. No more slobbery greetings or thunderstorm cuddles. We lost a member of the family that day who will forever be in our memories, both good and bad times. If found, please rebury.
    -Lauren Anthony

  12. Missing: Rawlings baseball glove!

    When i was 10 years old i attended a baseball camp at one of the local high schools in my hometown. It was put on my the head coach (a local legend with over 3,000 victories to his credit in his career at the school) and a select few of his best varsity players. As a little boy, i looked up to these guys as if they were big leaguers. In my mind they were the best baseball players in the world and nobody could beat them. Friday nights in the spring would be spent with my family watching the Forest Wildcat baseball team take the field under Coach Wayne Yancey. Anyway, back to the camp. We were in the second day of the three day camp when suddenly i realized i couldn’t find my glove anywhere…i had lost it. I remember timidly walking up to a player by the name of Brad Miller, who was the varsity shortstop at the time. i told him about how i had lost my glove and i didn’t know what to do. Without hesitation he ran back to the locker room and brought me out one of his old ones he always kept with him. At the end of the day when i tried to give it back to him he refused to take it. “You’re gunna be good kid. keep the glove. Just promise me you’ll never stop working harder than everyone else.” Hearing a high school kid say this to me as a 10 year old made me feel like the coolest kid in the world. And as i became a high school kid and saw how most guys treated younger kids it became even cooler. The glove was stolen out of my bag at a tournament a few years ago. i didn’t use it anymore, but i kept it with me always just as a good luck charm. I was heartbroken when i realized i would never see that glove again. The glove itself became old and raggedy, but the story behind it was what made it so special to me. I still keep in touch with Brad Miller to this day…and i really wish i still had his old glove in my possession considering that he in the starting shortstop for the Major League Seattle Mariners now. So, if for some reason you happen to come across an old beat up baseball glove with “BM” etched into the leather, please return it to me.

  13. Stolen: A beloved great-grandmother
    All of Sunday was always spent at her house with cousins and friends, really anyone. Weekday dinner was frequently at her house. Trips to the food store, dry cleaners or dollar store were with her, or frequent walks the end of her street to get ice cream even in the winter were with her. She was a warm and unique individual that has been taken from me. She had striking white hair and the most distinct clear blue eyes and stood a whole five feet tall. She was welcoming to all and never forgot a thing even in her old age. She is missing and I wish I could have her back. She was always there for me from the time I had chicken pox to watching a new movie with or even to paint my nails with. Going to her house was never a choir, my friends even liked going to her house with me. She lit up any room she entered with her luminous smile and her kind words. She never failed to make me laugh or comfort me when I was upset. Her name was Catherine but all of her friends called her Cat. Myself along with all of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren called her La (long story). She is my favorite person and I know all of my family can say the same. I have never met anyone as loving and nurturing as her. Sometimes my mom reminds me of her and it overwhelms me with happiness. Although I know she is close to my heart, if anyone ever saw her in some way I would want them to reiterate how much she has changed my life, how much I love her and that I will never forget her.

  14. Missing: Headphones
    Four years ago I was introduced to the iPhone, what some people refer to as the best phone ever. Well I just like the headphones. Easily recognizable white ear buds, and a light gray cable that is usually connected to some device that plays music. When I got my first iPhone 3g I took the time to make my perfect playlist. There was a playlist for waking up and going to Bunnell High School every morning, where I blasted the greatest tunes in my head setting my mood for the school day. There was also a specific playlist for snowboarding, walking alone, sleeping, doing homework and partying. The only thing that got me into the right moods were those white Apple headphones. They were in a way, my greatest source of happiness, I feel lost without the music in my head. They were most likely lost on my way to the gym or coming back from soccer practice, and have never been seen again. If found, please make sure to listen to the latest Drake album Nothing was the Same or tune in to the 90’s Alternative station on Pandora. I hope these headphones can give others the same joy they gave me; before they are lost again of course. I have moved on and got new headphones now, enjoy the gift.

  15. Information wanted!
    Date/ Location- Around three months ago on July 29th, 2013 at Deerfield Beach just north of the fishing pier my prized possession was lost.
    Description- The item lost is a rustic stone carved pendant, is square with about an inch on each side, and is inscribed with waves surrounding the perfectly designed Puerto Rican flag. It is chipped on the top left corner and has a cross patterned texture on the back. It hangs around the neck on a sturdy black leather cord with two slip knots for adjustments.
    Value- This is no ordinary tourist token necklace, it is a special tourist token necklace. Given to me by my grandfather, who lives in the mountains of Puerto Rico, the necklace holds a high sentimental value to me and has been around my neck ever since. It pains me to admit to making the stupid mistake of leaving it on the beach so I wouldn’t lose it in the water. In hindsight it would have been much safer in my pocket.
    Reward- ….Undying gratitude and a Publix sub is the best I can do.
    Contact- if you have found it or have any information of its whereabouts please contact me on the number or email me at the addresses below.
    • Phone #- 555-123-4567
    • Email-

  16. MISSING: Silver lizard ring
    LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Oglesby Student Union Ballrooms
    DATE LAST SEEN: 18 July 2013
    Description: This is a ring that my significant other got me on his trip to Cancun, Mexico with his family during spring break of 2011. The ring was silver in color and was a solid metal material with a lizard carved into it (the lizard was raised up above the band of the ring). I had worn the ring every single day since it was gifted to me from him over two years ago. My ring finger felt really naked without it, and it’s very weird to look down and now see a silver flower instead of a silver lizard. The ring means a lot to me and holds many memories that make me smile; I nearly cried when I had lost it, both out of sadness and out of guilt. It was almost as though a part of me had slid off of my finger, rolled away into the middle of the ballroom, and got kicked around in the crowd. Although the chances of getting it back are very slim, I still have a sliver of hope that I will look down and see the lizard on my finger again some day.
    If you find it, please contact Becky B. at [phone number] or at [email]. I would be forever grateful and bake you delicious snacks.

    (-Becky B.)

  17. About 2 years ago, on December 30th, my cousin got into a terrible motorcycle accident. Every year my family and I drive down to Miami and go to Joe’s Stone Crab, this popular restaurant that serves the best seafood. But this year, our tradition was canceled when my dad received a phone call he was not expecting from my uncle. My cousin, the man I’ve grown up with and known my own life was in the hospital do to head injury from stopping to suddenly on his motorcycle. Immediately, my dad left for Naples in order to see how my cousin was doing. Unfortunately, a week later, I was attending my cousin’s wake and funeral. I have never lost someone that I loved and was so close to before this incident, luckily. It was one of the hardest things to accept. Seeing my cousin lying in a casket may or may not have been the hardest experiences ever. The only thing I have gained from this tragic loss was wisdom. Now that I’m in college, I know of all the horrible things that can happen. Every day I risk my life, even by walking across the street. A few times a month, I get a very wise text from my uncle, regarding my safety. I know he doesn’t want anything to happen to me or my sister, like what happened to his only son. I miss him everyday, and pray for him everyday. I know he is in a better place.

  18. Description: Help! Help! My precious dog Caddy has gone missing. She’s not just any ordinary dog. She smiles at you when she gets really happy. She wags her tail constantly. She is a small Shihtzu with white and light brown fur. She has the biggest most adorable eyes in the whole entire world. The definition of puppy dog eyes! The last time I saw her was in my house, but I think we left a door open and she slipped out. She likes to be outside so I’m sure she just ran out. She’s been missing for three days and I can’t go any longer without her. She is one of my best friends and loves me every second of every day. My house feels empty without her feet pitter pattering around. If anyone sees her please return her immediately to me. I know everyone has lost something or someone important to them and would do anything to get it back. That is how I feel right now. I will keep posting these flyers until I find my adorable little dog. So someone, please help! If you find her, please call (phone number) or email me at (email). I will give some kind of reward!

  19. Missing: Freedom Climb Long Sleeve Shirt
    Description: Gray long sleeve shirt, size medium, Pink design that says a blurb about Freedom Climb on the back.

    This isn’t just any gray shirt you can buy from Walmart. It’s my official Freedom Climb nonprofit shirt that the director of the USA branch bought for me. I acquired it while I was at the Freedom Climb conference in Colorado in September of 2012. I was one of the youngest to attend and participate. To welcome me to the team, Tina Yeager, the director, bought me the shirt. All the proceeds went to the nonprofit and I got to wear it as I participated in Freedom Climb’s hike to Pikes Peak. It’s very sentimental to me and cannot be replaced. I hold the memories and the stories behind the shirt dear to my heart. So please if you find it, return it to me. If you stole it, I will trade you a plain gray long sleeve shirt for it. Thank you.
    Contact: (321) 098-7654

  20. Missing: Jackie Summerfield
    Description: Beautiful old woman, big smile, blue eyes, gold cross necklace, dirty blonde hair, huge heart
    It’s been almost two years since my grandma went missing from my life. She was the strongest woman I’ve ever known and my biggest role model. She had a huge family, 5 children and 22 grandchildren, each who she loved dearly. She seemed to always be coming to everyones rescue. She also seemed to be sharing her love of Jesus with each of her family members. She taught each and every one of us our faith and couldn’t be a prouder Christian. In all my life I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face. She always knew what to say when something was wrong, she was always eager to sit and listen when you had a problem, and the littlest things excited her. She loved her family more than anything and taught us all how important family really is. When cancer took her away, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. It affected my family drastically and we all miss her terribly. I would offer all the money in the world to anyone who could bring her back.

  21. Missing: Black, BMX bicycle with pegs and it looks really cool

    Now, this bike was given to me on Christmas day of 2007. This bike was my form of transportation even after I got my license and had a car. If you have ever driven in Miami you would understand why I do not like driving. In 7th grade when I got the bike, I was so excited because now I could go anywhere I wanted without asking my parents for a ride. Sometimes I would ride my bike to friends’ houses in other neighborhoods miles away. Some people would think I was crazy for not just asking my parents for a ride and having to bike so far but I just loved this bike. The brand is Trek and its completely black with pegs on both back and front tires. Some of my friends used to hop on and go for a ride while I did all the work. It was fun and I have a lot of good memories with this bike. One time, I took the bike to a BMX park to try and go on some ramps. This bike has been with me through blood, sweat, and tears—needless to say it was only blood and tears at the BMX Park. Not too long ago, while our garage was open and everyone was inside doing their own thing, someone came in and swiped my bike. Unless it just rode away by itself, which is impossible because that bike was my baby and she would never leave me . If you stole my bike, you better give it back. Please.

  22. Missing: White gold ring
    Description: It is a size 7, football-shaped, white gold ring

    The most special piece of jewelry I have ever worn has gone missing. To most, a football shaped ring doesn’t mean much, but to me this ring means everything. It was the ring my grandfather gave my grandmother the day that she graduated high school. He knew that it was difficult for her to finish high school, so the ring was his way of congratulating her. My grandfather didn’t have very much money growing up, so this ring meant a lot to my grandparents. It represented his hard work to get the money to be able to pay for it and their love for each other.
    The ring is special to me because it is the ring my grandmother gave to me when I graduated from high school. She knew I worked hard to finish off high school as well as I did and that I would appreciate the meaning behind it. Also, the ring reminds me of my grandfather. It is one of the only things I have left that forms a connection with him, now that he has passed away. I wear this ring all the time, so it’s like I’m always carrying a little piece of my grandparents with me, wherever I go.
    So, if you find this ring, please return it. It would mean so much to me!

  23. Missing: Wristband

    I lost my Bro Band. It is a wristband that my dad and I both bought at the same vender when I went to San Francisco this summer. It has faded yellow, green, and black intertwined bands and is very thin. It has gotten wider over time and has been with me the entire summer. It was lost once before and coincidentally found by my dad the wearer of the other bro band, which has slightly different colors. To me the band represents my connection to my dad and it is very special. My dad, this past year especially and in years past, has taught me so much and the band shows that I have carried those lessons with me. Not only does this band represent the lessons he has taught me ,it also reminds me of all the great times we had. Like the time we went on a golfing trip out to Bandon Dunes in Oregon, a trip I will never forget. We had a great time just me, my dad, and my friend, and his dad. We all bonded in the 50 degree weather with thirty mile an hour winds, which made it feel as if it was 30 degrees. It was a great trip and my dad really made it even more special. I cherish my Bro Band and I need it back.
    If you find it me Timmy Corrigan on my cell (###)-###-####

    Timmy Corrigan

  24. Missing/ Stolen: MetroPcs Huawaii Phone

    People may call cell phones something that is unnecessary because when you think about it you really do not need it . But this phone right was very near and dear to me it was the my first phone that I ever had . I got it on my 13th birthday. I could remember the day that it was lost / stolen from me till this day . Leaving it plug up to charge I went to go play basketball when the game was finish all I could see is the charger and the phone was missing . When I told my dad the news his face expression was bland because I knew he did not want to buy another want . So I had to save up some money doing various jobs to purchase another phone . So to the person who took my phone I will tell him today “Thank you ” because it made me more responsible and more independent . I learn the value of a dollar and much more cause of the phone that was stolen from me . .

  25. Missing: Myself
    Some people might be thinking how do you lose yourself. I wish I could answer that question. Maybe I lost it on my way to Tallahassee. Maybe it was lost when I was going to all those parties during the summer and not worrying about the math homework that was due the next day. I could have lost it even before then when I was contemplating even leaving for college because I was afraid of losing all my friends. I might have misplaced in the mounds of homework or even in the crowds of people I frequently run into. Tallahassee is a big place it is easy to lose yourself in the sea of faces, a sea of faces that pay you no mind, a sea you swim through every day but can’t recall one. I really think I lost myself during the fall when I realized this wasn’t high school. I saw that I actually had to study, that when I was assigned a reading for a class and didn’t read it I would look like an idiot, then I saw all my friends moving on joining fraternities and sorties and I still haven’t found my niche. If anyone could help me find myself it would be greatly appreciated.
    Description: I’m about 5’9, Black, love reading, film, writing, very funny and sarcastic. Love Zaxby’s and Chipotle bad at math and secretly likes the movie The Notebook.

  26. Missing- Jordan Harris
    Description- 6 feet tall, half white half black, funny and amazing person
    He was abducted by a serial killer we seem to believes name is Cancer. This serial killer has made my best friend Jordan Harris gone missing twice before. This is my best friend since grade school that I would love nothing more in life to have back. You can tell its him if he makes you laugh constantly no matter what mood you’re in. He’s always putting a smile on someones face even if he doesn’t even know you. He has touched so many lives back in my hometown of Tampa. It deeply saddens me that this person named Cancer would continuly hurt such a great person like my buddy Jordan Harris. I don’t know how much time we have left to find him but time is not on our side. The chemo police could only help so many times. Although all the doubt people have about finding my buddy Jordan, I still have all the faith in the world that such a good person would be taken from this world so early in ones life. Jordan hardly got to experience his High School days as a kid because he was kidnapped by this monster. One can only hope he will get the chance to experience college. Even though Jordan is a Florida Gator I still love the kid to death and pray he can go back to the Jordan I know and love. If anyone has any information in stopping this killer named Cancer please call me 813-999-9999

  27. Missing: Best Friend
    Last Seen: Joining a sorority
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes. Height: 5’3, shoe size: 8
    She is believed to have been hijacked by sorority sisters. Any attempt to contact has been frugal. They are posting instagram pictures on her account to try to cover up her cries for help. She had no prior signs before the beginning of this semester that she had been targeted to be hijacked. Currently being held hostage by her “Big” and “Sisters.” Has no current contact with the outside world. A reward will be given for her safe return. Please, I miss my goofy, sassy, showtune-loving, harmonizing, and extremely talented best friend. There is compelling evidence that she is doing this out of her free will, but I still hold the hope that she will come back to me in her original form. Contact me at 888-BFF-GONE

  28. Missing: Ring
    Description: silver ring with three bands connected at the bottom.

    One day I snuck into my mother’s room and went through her jewelry box. I opened it up and a plethora of rings dazzled and sparkled their way into my eyes, but only one caught my attention. It was not any of those big fancy rings with massive jewels on top; it was simpler and more modest. Three glowing silver bands bound together by a small silver connector fit perfectly on my left middle finger. As it slipped on, I knew it was no ordinary ring. After a couple of days of wearing it, my mom saw it and told me about its history. It had belonged to my great grandmother who won it at a spelling bee in elementary school. My brothers and I are all named after family members and I was named after her. She passed the ring down to her daughter and she passed it down to hers and my mom gave it to me. The three bands signified the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This ring gave me peace and solitude during difficult times and gave me a deeper connection with my family and their past. It was a sad day when I lost it. I was at a softball game and jewelry was not allowed to be worn. I put it in my bag, but it found its way out.
    If anyone has seen it please contact me! 305-000-0000

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